Spell Stuff

Welcome to my spell stuff page. This will give you a quick outline of what certain things are symbolic of and used for in the Wiccan Craft. This will give you a few important guidelines for casting that first spell. Always remember to harm no one (mentally or physically) as stated in our rede above. Do not cast a spell that goes against someone's gift of free will, even if you think the result would be for the best, it's still wrong. Always include the Goddess and God in your spell, and leave the doorway of, "If this is wrong, may you please not allow it to work." This helps if you aren't sure about you're intentions for the spell, you won't get in as much trouble with the three folds law if you're casting a spell for something you shouldn't be messing with. Make sure anything you use is purified! Those are the basics. This being said, and followed, I'll tell you one more thing...: Nothing can come to you that you don't call.

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Everyone knows how to use candles... or so they think... There are rules that need to be followed when working with candles, for magical purposes or otherwise. RULE ONE: NEVER BLOW OUT CANDLES! This may be the most important rule you can ever be taught. Blowing out candles is an insult to the element of Fire. This results in two bad outcomes. If fire becomes angry, you're more likely to experience fires where you don't want them (such as burning down your house) and the element of fire may cause your spells to backfire when using candles. So make sure you use a candle snuffer or your fingers. ( Water is not a good idea either, as it could ruin your candle). RULE TWO:Use the correct image, shape and/or color. Goddess image candles should be green, silver, or white votive or other straight non-tapered candle. The God candle is either red, yellow, or gold and tapered. These should go on the appropriate side of the altar for either the Goddess (left side) or the God (right side). The altar should always face north, but more on that in the section labeled TOOLS. Candle colors are extremely important in candle magic. A very detiled list can be found by visiting the corresponding link on the main page. RULE THREE:Make sure you purify the candle before using it. (See spells below). This way you can be sure there is no negative energy from wherever it came from. After using the candle in a spell, you should throw it away unless the spell specifies otherwise. If you wish to keep the candle, either melt down the wax to make a new candle or use it for lighting only. Without it being melted down, do not allow it back into the Magical Circle during another unrelated spell. This will also add bad associations to the spell. RULE FOUR:Always follow manufacturer's rules in using the candles, and make sure you don't leave them or incense lit if you're falling asleep (duh)! Well, I think that's about it for the candles. Check out the color correspondence link on the first page and the sample candle spell below. Have fun!


Many tools are used while practicing Wicca. It is commonly accepted that all tools should have your witch name and special symbols (pentacles, runes, etc.) carved into them. The most important tool is the altar. While the ALTAR may not usually be classified as a tool, in my opinion it is. The altar can be either permanent or put up whenever you do a spell, prayer, or other work. It is the place where you set all your other spell material, and connect with the Goddess and God. I believe this makes it not only a powerful tool in magick, but also a sacred place. Never place anything not related to Wicca or magick on the altar, this is disrespectful and may taint it with negativity. Don't worry about little kids or pets messing with your things, as long as they can't break them. The Goddess and God love animals and kids. The altar is usually a flat, raised surface set up facing the north. The left side of the altar is dedicated to the Goddess, the right side to the God, and the middle to them both. The side of the Goddess usually contains(in this order from north to south) a symbol (candles, pictures or statues, seashell, rock with a hole, moon, or sacred animal picture or statue) of Her, a small bowl of water, a stemmed cup, wand, and a bell. The center section of the altar usually has an incense burner, called a censer, a red candle (symbolic of The One), pentacle, cauldron, then spell materials. On the God's side there is an image of the God (candle, picture or statue, pinecone, tapered stone, sun, or a picture or a statue of one of His sacred animals), a bowl of salt, incense, black-handled knife, known as Athame, and last, the white-handled knife, called the Bolline. Next, I tell you about all the things I mentioned above (in alphabetical order). First is the ATHAME(pronounced a-tha-mee). It's a double-edged knife or sword that usually has a black handle because black absorbs power. It is used strictly in the circle, never outside it, for directing power, invocation, purification, and sometimes casting the circle. BELLS are also commonly used on the altar. Any bell you like is fine. It is used for invoking some gods and goddesses and signifing the beginning or end of a spell, or any important transition inbetween. BOLLINEs are the white-handled, practical use knife in magick. It is used simply for work. Cutting and carving candles, trimming or gathering herbs and plants, or anything else you need it for. They lay on the altar when not in use, but can go anywhere with you. The BOOK OF SHADOWS can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. It can be a huge, fancy bound book, or a spiral notebook. I personally recommend something where you can move around the pages, such as a binder. That way, as you learn and grow, the Book can also. It holds your spells, prayers, information, anything that you discover to be helpful in your pursuit of learning about your religion and magick. BOWLS OF SALT and WATER are used for purifying things and representing the elements of Earth and Air. CANDLES are used for not only their magickal properties, but also as a symbol of the element Fire. Another important tool is the CAULDRON. It is used to mix herbs and potions, is important in many spells, can be used to hold candles, and is symbollic of the Goddess. It is metal, water proof and fire proof. It needs to stand on legs, most commonly it has three. Also symbollic of the Goddess is the CUP, or chalice. It holds any drink you use in ritual or for magickal purposes. INCENSE is used always during indoor rituals as a representation of air. The different scents are used during spells. The most commonly seen tool and symbol of Wicca is the PENTACLE. Some people call this five-point star in a circle a pentagram. Technically, this is incorrect. A pentagram is just the star, while the pentacle has a circle around it. The pentacle is often worn as jewelry, but for magickal reasons, it is made into a clay, metal, or wooden disk and set on the altar. It is used mainly for the magickal properties of the symbol itself and also to place things on during ritual or spells, or while purifying them. It symbolizes positive deities reigning over the earth and superficial things. When reversed, it symbolizes superficiality and material things are more important than spirit and love. A more in-depth meaning is shown in the picture of the pentacle above, showing what each point stands for. The WAND is a very important item. It is historically made of wood. You can easily make your own wand out of any straight peice of wood. Making it yourself, makes it instantly linked with you. You can carve and paint it if you wish. As said in the beginning, special symbols and your witch name are recommended. You can also purchase a wand at an occult store. It is used primarily in casting the circle (prefered over the athame), directing the power (an athame is prefered here), and invocation. It is also used for purification. Lastly, I decided to include information on the WITCH NAME, because I searched for a long time before finding out what exactly it was. A witch name is a name that comes to you, in meditation, in your sleep, just sitting there, or whatever you're doing. This name comes to you and you know it's yours. Accepting this name and using it during ritual is symbollic of your rebirth into Wicca. If it doesn't come to you as quickly as you'd like, you can pray or meditate for it, but never try to force it, you'll find it when you're ready. Once you discover the name, ask the Goddess and God (in meditation or prayer) for them to accept and know you by this new name. Only tell it to people you are comfortable with. Well, there's a quick outline of tools important to the Craft. If you don't find all you need, don't get discouraged, you will. Don't hesitate to ask the Goddess and God for a hand! Good luck.


Here, I will show you some basic spells. The most common spells people seek are
LOVE SPELLS. Everyone thinks it'll make someone else fall in love with you... well, if following the true Wiccan path, those kind of spells have no place. That doesn't mean you can't give love a little push, though! There are spells for finding out if someone likes you, telling them you like them, strengthening a relationship, finding yourself a boyfriend or girlfriend, and more. In this spell, it is for letting someone know in their heart you would like to hear from them. It is a very simple spell. All you need is a peice of paper and a blue marker. On the peice of paper, draw a symbol of Air, such as a bird, butterfly, plane, or whatever reminds you of air. Hold the paper and say:"Element of Air, I would like_____to call me without going against his/her will. Please send this message to_____." Then, write their name below the drawing followed by the words:"I would like to hear from you. Please call me." Sign your name. Hold the paper tightly, close your eyes, and feel its energy. Picture the person calling you. Ask the object you drew and your guardian spirit to send the message. Place the paper under your phone. Give it a few days to a few weeks, no more than about a month. Don't worry if it doesn't work, that just means they weren't ready to call you.

A word of advice, spells tend to be more powerful if you make them up on your own. So if you choose to, a few simple guidelines are listed in the very first paragraph, such as not harming anyone, etc. More good things to remember are using appropriate candles and herbs in your spell to enhance strength. There are also phases of the Moon to remember. Don't worry too much about these unless you're doing a really serious spell, or trying to learn more about Wicca. They are important to learn. Well, good luck in your magickal pursuit, and most importantly... enjoy it!