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Sartain/Sarten Surname Genealogy

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First Generation


i.Mary Sartain b.???? md William Wann



ii.William Kendrey Sartain b.6 May, 1824 Memphis,Shelby Cnty,TN d.12 Oct.,Eureka Springs,Carroll Cnty,AR. md. Elenor Esther Baker, Eureka Springs,Carroll Cnty,AR. 21 Feb.,1860. Elenor b. 21 Feb.,1860/d.5 May,1917.

They had six children blessed unto them.

iii.Uriah (sometimes known as Hugh)Sartain b.circa 1826,and died 7 July, 1874? and md. Louisa Elizabeth Wright in Jefferson Cnty,TN. (this was his second wife,My grandmotherx4.)20th of July 1849. She was born in TN 1832.Louisa d.4 Feb.1907 in Eureka Springs,Carroll Cnty,AR. Later remarried to the following:

iiia.Thomas Lee,12 July 1884 in Carroll Cnty,AR.

iiib.Jesse H. Robertson, Carroll Cnty,AR.,1874. This is also my greatx4 grandfather from Louisa's Sons Marriage(Noted by * later).

Uriah and Louisa had the following children:

Second Generation

iv.William Kenneth Sartain b. March 1853,AR. d.April 17, 1907 Lovelock, Persing Cnty, Nevada (Died while visiting with his daughter Anna. He was in Nevada exactly one year to the date when he died.) md.Sarah Elizabeth Hobbs b.Bet. October 02 1852-1953 Carroll Cnty,Arkansas d.February 23, 1931 Oroville, Butte Cnty, California


Maude Sartain and Claude Sartain b.unknown d. unknown (Both were twins and died either in infancy or at birth. When I find out which is the most probable I will post it.

Frank Sartain b.Bet. 1877 - 1878

Anna May Sartain b.November 1879 November 1879 where is unknown md.Tom Edwards

Cynthia Rebecca Sartain b.August 17, 1883Eureka Springs,Carroll Cnty, Arkansas d. in Vallejo, ?? md.Tom Brewster

William Frederick Sartain b.January 09, 1884 Eureka Springs,Carroll Cnty, Arkansas(Or Little Rock, Ark.)d.October 05, 1947 Ignaceo, Marin Cnty, CA. md.September 02, 1918

Mary Louise Sartain b.March 26, 1885 Eureka Springs,Carroll Cnty, Arkansas d.??? Broville, CA. md.1917 to Joe Datson

Ermon Sartain b.February 1889 Arkansas d.1917 Vallejo, ?? never md.

v.Thomas Crawford Sartain/Sarten b.29 Aug.,1857,AR.(This is my greatx2-grandfather.)md.Mary Alice Robertson b.September 08, 1862 Linn Cnty ,Kansas: d.September 02, 1925 Zincville,Ottowa,Oklahoma. (Mary's father,*Jesse H. Robertson)

Thomas and Mary Sartain's children:

i. Lulu Belle4 Sarten was born 25 Oct 1880

ii. Lillie M. Sarten was born in Eureka Springs, Carroll Co., AR Mar 1885. Lillie died Jul 1914 in MO, at 29 years of age. She married Albert Harrison Kirby circa 1908. Albert was born in MO 9 Mar 1883. Albert was the son of John Anderson Kirby and Arena Carline Robertson.Albert died 5 Feb 1933 at 49 years of age.

iii. Benjamin Harrison Sarten was born 14 Mar 1887 d.5 Dec.,1968.Benjamin Married Sarah Josephine Nichols(b. and d. noted below).

iv. Walter Sherman Sarten was born in Eureka Springs, Carroll Co., AR 12 Jun 1889. Walter died 12 Mar 1975 in Knoxville, Marion Co., IA, at 85 years of age. His body was interred Mar 1975 in Miami, Ottawa Co., OK, GAR Cemetery.

v. Henry Melton Sarten was born 18 Feb 1891 Eureka Springs, Carroll Co., AR . 27 Dec 1967 in Chanute, Neosho Co., KS, at 76 years of age. Md. Benton Co., AR, 21 Jul 1916 to Clara Elsie Oakes (this is her 1st husband)b.Aug. 1899 (AR.?)d.unknown. Daughter of Abraham Lincoln Oakes and Bertha Ester Jeffries(*notes on linage below.) Her second husband is/was Wes Kirby.(Information supplied by J. Nichols,research done by Shirley Nichols who is now reaserching the CARR linage on this side of our family. Henry Melton Sarten and Clara Elsie Oakes had the following children: (Vernon5 Sarten and Helen Sarten Coiner was born in AR Jul 1918.)

vi. Mary E.Sarten was born in Eureka Springs, Carroll Co., AR circa 1895. Mary died circa 1895 in Eureka Springs, Carroll Co., AR.

vii. Lottie Ory Sarten was born 19 Feb 1897.

viii. Ella Ena Sarten was born in Eureka Springs, Carroll Co., AR 13 Jan 1902. Ella died 24 Feb 1920 in Neosho, Newton Co., MO, at 18 years of age. Her body was interred aft 24 Feb 1920 in Neosho, Newton Co., MO, Gibson Cemetery.

ix. Robert Lee Sarten was born 1905.

iv.Bradford Alexander Sartain b.August 1860,AR.

iiv.Mary Frances Sartain b.Dec. 05, 1862 Green Forrest, AR d.1911 buried: Higden, AR Md. January 01, 1882 Eureka Springs, Carroll, AR Stanbury Wright II b.January 12, 1840 Indiana d.1913 Sioux City, Iowa children:

Blaine (Jack) Wright b.January 13, 1884

John Wright b.1885

Rose Nellie Wright b.December 17, 1886

Nathan Potter Wright b.July 23, 1888

Joseph Wright b.July 08, 1892

Sherman Charles Wright b.June 14, 1894

Harriet Beecher Stowe Wright b.November 02, 1896

William M. Wright b.December 24, 1898

Beatrice Wright b.February 02, 1900

Curtis Gordon Wright b.March 15, 1902

Stanbury Wright III b.November 15, 1904

iiiv.S.B. Sartain b.Aug. 1865, TN

All of their children except S.B. were born in Eureka Springs,AR. in Carroll County.

Third Generation

va.Benjamine Harrison Sarten b.14 March,1887 d.5 Dec.,1968. He md. Sarah Josephine Nichols. b.15,May,1894 d.26,July,1977 md. Unknown This marriage was blessed with seven Children.

(Most are living to date.And this is my Line.)

vai.Orval Sarten b.1911 (Living) md. Billie(her info. uknown at this time.)

vaii.Alice Verneal Sarten (Living)

vaiii.Harley Oval Sarten b.June,1916 d. Unknown

md.Viola date unknown

vaiv.Edmon Lenord Sarten b.19,Dec.1918(mabie 1920) died during WWII, MIA P.F.C. H.S. A.S.No. 38190554 North African Area Oct. 2, 1943 Awarded the Purple Heart Dec.24,1943 SSN# avalible if we share family lines.

vav.Jasper Earnman Sarten (Living) Md. Winnie Louise Norris (daughter of Ira Elmer Norris and Antha Ellen Bell.)in Benton Cnty,AR. b. November 14, 1926 d.July 6, 1977

vavii.Jewell Irene Sarten (Living)

vaviii.Silvia Nadine Sarten (living)

vaix.Virgina Sarten (Living)

vaiix.Myrtle Marie Sarten (Living)

*Jesse H. Robertson

Father:William H. Roberson b.1790 VA d.1848 Franklin, IL (take note these dates may not be accurate) Mother:Elizabeth Payne b.1800 NC. d..1870 Franklin, IL (take note these dates may not be accurate) md.Bef. 1828 Lincoln, TN.

Only known Children:

*Jesse H. Robertson b.December 12, 1828 TN,d.March 02, 1901 in AR. Md. Elenor Webb b.December 13, 1831 in Ewing Rr, Franklin Cnty , IL d.October 14, 1866 in Linn Cnty, KS (take note these dates may not be accurate)

IMPORTANT Update: I have proved the marriage of Jesse Robertson and his wife Elenor Webb Md.November 04, 1847 Franklin Cnty ,IL You can also find this information on the IL web sites. Elenor Webb's Father: Charels Webb b.1798 KY. d.1871

*Jesse H. Robertson, William Roberson

This inforamation (except where noted:)may not be 100% accurate, so use your genealogy sourses to check this information as I will be doing this also and any new information I get. I will then add to this site.

I have more on the other lines and on the Robertson/Roberson lines, this is all I have for now and would welcome more information on any or all.(On the Sartain/Sarten Family lines and any others you may recognize/or is your linage.) Please e me so we can get our family ties together.

Note: My internet resources for the Robertson Families is from the link povided below. Look for Robertson Genealogy.

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