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Sarten/Sartain Surname Genealogy

Kel Walker
Sarten/Sartain Surname Genealogy
Self Employed
Colcord,OK. 74338

In the following pages, we have tried to reconstuct all our information we have up to date in our data base and in our liabary.

Our sources mostly came from fellow genealogist, or our own research, and a few sites off the internet has also help to find the truth to family legends,foklore,and stories passed down generation after generation.

Let us not forget to include our families own input as well as our ancestors input (paper trail) although some times faint as a child's whisper, but there just the same.

I would also like to dedicate this Homepage to God(not to affend anyone, for he was the whole reason the Sarten/Sartain's ended up where they are today, for our ancestors were printers of the Good Book.) and to all the women of the Sartain/Sarten tribe for it is my belife that these women had the toughest jobs in the harshest conditions.

This is for our future generations to be able to reflect upon this project and read in wonder and praise over all we have acomplished and in hopes they will set forth to continue the unfinished work we may leave behind.

We hope you enjoy the project we have set forth and please bear with us while some of these pages are still in the works, and hope to be finished soon. We hope you chose to share this site with others, for it is very insiteful and educational. I will from time to time, add hints at bottom of pages to help aid you in your journey though your ancestors and linage.

Happy Hunting,


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