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"Arthritis - how to suffer, how to recover" is a self-help booklet detailing the author's struggle against
the terrible pains of arthritis and his discovery of a system of eating and drinking, which, together with
changes in lifestyle, enabled him to recover from the pain. He wrote this booklet in the hope of helping
others suffering from arthritis.

In his twenties, the author was stricken with a severe form of arthritis, which was eventually
diagnosed as ankylosing spondylitis.

Unable to find help, and suffering almost continuous pain, he discovered through self-experimentation a
natural system of eating and drinking which enabled him to recover from the pains of arthritis from which
he had suffered for years and allowed him once again to lead a productive and active life and enjoy
plenty of physical exercise.

He discovered that not only WHAT is eaten and drunk but also WHEN it is eaten and drunk is of
paramount importance.

How he came to suffer and how he helped himself recover through a sensible diet and lifestyle are told
in the booklet "Arthritis - How to Suffer, How to Recover". What, and when, to eat and drink, along
with other lifestyle changes, are simply and logically explained.


TO ORDER "Arthritis, How to Suffer, How to Recover":
please send $10 (includes S&H) to:
Rab Publishers
P.O.Box 1305
Stockbridge, MA 01262

For overseas orders - please add $2.50 postage (for a total of $12.50)

arthritis / ankylosing spondylitis / natural diet and lifestyle
author J.S.Rabinowitz