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Lintira Class Scout

length: 40 meters
mass: 198 metric tons

crew: 1 Pilot

- antimatter cell
- 1 Micro-Fusion reactor

Duration: 72 hours

- 2 Neutron Guns
- 5,8 centimeter re-enforced Poly-Crystalline armor
- 4 Tractor Beams
- Minbari Stealth Device [sensor disruption generator]

The Minbari Flyer is used for transport and courier missions. It is very fast and is able to fight against at least the less advanced fighters of the Raider or other races.

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Nial Class Fighter

length: 22 meters
mass: 63 metric tons

crew: 1 Pilot

- antimatter cell
- 1 Micro-Fusion reactor

Duration: 36 hours [standard]

-3 Heavy Neutron Guns
- 5 Centimeter re-enforced Poly-Crystalline armor hull
- 3 Tractor Beams
- Minbari Stealth Device

The Nial Class Fighter is an extremely fast and agile vessel. The design is heavily based upon Minbari aesthetics, where the triangle is the perfect shape, so the Minbari Fighter has a triangular shape when viewed from ahead. The three "wings" also swept forward, in a reverse delta-wing shape. The pilot lies down looking forward during flight. The fighter is equipped with three heavy neutron guns which are located around the cockpit, angled 120 degrees apart, that fire in short bursts. The design of the fighter hasn't changed since the Earth-Minbari-War. The ship is equipped with some kind of stealth technology that provides a very good protection against at least the older radar tracking devices.

In 2259 the renegade Minbari Cruiser Trigati entered Babylon 5 space and launched several fighters against the station. Sheridan was surprised that the sensors could track the approaching fighters and he realized that the fighters were only a provocation to begin a battle. He ordered the Starfury pilots to do nothing and so the Minbari pilots returned to their cruiser.

The 15 fighters that are stationed on board a Sharlin Warcruiser are able to track down capital ships like an older Hyperion Cruiser. The combination with several other small ships is very effective to protect the bigger cruiser in battles against the Shadows and other enemies. The fighters are unable to track down a Shadow Battlecrab but a Shadow-Fighter or Scout is a soluble task for the fighters.

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Tinashi Class Frigate

length: 869 meters
mass: 8.76 million metric tons

crew: 110
troop: 800
fighter: N/A

- 1 Quantum Singularity
- 4 Fusion reactor

Duration: 20 years

- 4 Gravitic Neutron Cannons
- 8 Fusion Beam Cannons
- 4 Electro-Pulse Guns
- 2 Missile Launchers
- 1 antimatter Cannon
- 8 meter re-enforced Poly-Crystalline armor
- 6 Gravitic Tractor Beam Projectors
- Minbari Stealth Device [sensor disruption generator]
- Gravitic Defense Shield Grid

The Minbari Tinashi Frigate has been in service for at least 1000 years. During this time the design, weapon and engine systems have been upgraded several times. Most of these ships were destroyed in the last great war against the Shadows in 1200 BC but some of them survived the war and are now used for deep space patrols and colony defense tasks..

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Sharlin Class Warcruiser

length: 1,600 meters
mass: 44.4 million metric tons

crew: 105
troop: 8,000
fighter: 15 Nial fighter craft

- 1 Quantum Singularity
- 8 Fusion reactor

Duration: 20 years

- 18 Gravitic Neutron Cannons
- 18 Gravitic Fusion Beam Cannons
- 24 EM Neutron guns
- 24 EM Fusion Beam guns
- 42 Electro-Pulse Guns
- 4 Missile Launchers
- 1 antimatter Cannon
- Optional Mass Driver
- 10-15 meter re-enforced Poly-Crystalline armor
- 42 Tractor Beams
- Minbari Stealth Device [sensor disruption generator]
- Gravitic Defense Shield Grid

The Sharlin Class Warcruiser is an awesome presence in space. The design of the cruiser changed in the last 1,000 years from the horizontal orientation of the Tinashi Frigate to a more vertical orientation. Like all Minbari vessel the ship is driven by a magneto-gravitic device. This device produces gravity on the whole ship as a side effect which allows the Minbari to abandon any rotating section for gravity generation. The Humans still rely on these sections to provide gravity in at least some parts of their ships.

These cruisers were the key factor in the Earth-Minbari war. It was said that these ships were indestructible. The only victory against the cruisers took place when war hero Sheridan was able to destroy the Minbari flagship, the Black-Star, and three other cruiser after mining a section of the asteroid belt.

The Centauri claim that the Warcruiser has only one real weakness, which is its Gravimetric drive system. If this system is damaged or destroyed during a battle, the Warcruiser has no backup like a conventional engine system. The problem is that it needs massive amounts of firepower to penetrate the shields and hull of the Warcruiser to take any advantage of this weakness.

When the Gray Council broke up in 2260 the religious and the worker caste joined the Army of Light. Each of the three casts has its own cruisers and crew and so they became a valuable member in the alliance. The Warcruiser seems to be nearly indestructible to Human or Narn ships but it is no match for a Shadow Battlecrab. The Shadow slicerbeam penetrates the shields without any problems. It needs at least three Warcruiser to stop and destroy a Shadow Battlecrab. Many Warcruiser were destroyed or damaged in a big battle against Shadow forces in the end of 2260.

The ruling body of the Minbari, the "Grey Council", has permanent residence on a special Warcruiser.

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