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Charles Thompson, 1760-1837
Mary Hodges, 1769-1848

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Charles THOMPSON was born JUN 1760 in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, and died 4 MAR 1837 in Dickson County, Tennessee. He married 23 DEC 1786 to Mary HODGES in Northampton County, North Carolina. Mary, daughter of Thomas HODGES, was born 1769 in Northampton County, North Carolina, and died 1848 in Dickson County, Tennessee. Charles and Mary are buried in the Thompson Family Cemetery in Dickson County, Tennessee.

It is not known who Charles parents were, but he had a brother named Amos THOMPSON. Amos fought for the British in the War of Independence and was mortally wounded at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse in Guilford County, North Carolina. Amos named his brother Charles as executor of his estate.

Charles THOMPSON fought with the Virginia Line in the Revolutionary War.

Charles and Mary THOMPSON had the following children:

1. Mary THOMPSON PLANT, 30 OCT 1787-3 JUL 1830
2. Unnamed Infant THOMPSON, abt 1790-
3. Unnamed Infant THOMPSON, abt 1792-
4. James THOMPSON, 1794-28 JAN 1868
5. William THOMPSON, 2 APR 1797-6 NOV 1842
6. Amos THOMPSON, 15 APR 1799-21 AUG 1854
7. Sally THOMPSON, 1800/1810-bef 1849
8. Jeremiah THOMPSON, 7 DEC 1801-2 MAR 1864
9. John THOMPSON, abt 1805-1848/49
10. Nancy THOMPSON, 1805/10-1834/40
11. Charles THOMPSON, 1810/20-bef 1849


1790 Census, Northampton County, NC

Notes for Charles Thompson:

Cemetery Marker - "Charles (1760-1837) Virginia Private, Virginia Line, Revolutionary War."

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