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At this point I needed help from a friend and David Griffith came to my rescue - he always does.
In order to bend this 3/16" metal it is going to have to get VERY HOT. A propane torch won't get it hot
enough. Shown in this picture is a Bernzomatic torch that uses MAP gas and Oxygen. It does get
hot enough. I watched David heat the parts with a blue pinpoint flame back and forth across a line we
marked for each bend. One at a time. Once the line would begin to glow cherry red I would put the part
on the concrete floor, lay the wood on top of it and stand on the wood. You have to do this fairly quick
because the  metal cools off quick. Then I would just pull on the metal until I thought it was correct. Next
I would see how close it was to the pattern and if needed to be re-heated and re-bent. Water will cool it off very
quickly and watch out for the steam. If you aren't comfortable with this then get a shop to make the part
or get some help from a friend. The torch is about $50.00 to $60.00 and you will need a couple of 
canisters of Oxygen and Map gas (you can get the torch at Lowes, Home Depot, etc).