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The Smith Family - Arkansas

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Welcome to our family's homepage. We hope you find our page informative and entertaining. We've made an effort to be brief yet describe many of the things that are of interest to us. I (Allen) work in the civil engineering field and my wife (Judy) works in the medical field. Our family enjoys nature and outdoor activities more than anything else. We enjoy outdoor photography, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and off-roading among many other things. Very likely, hiking and backpacking are our favorite outdoor activities. In Arkansas we are blessed with a tremendous number of backroads and trails to explore. Not only are the trails abundant, they offer a wide variety of eco-systems with unique individual characteristics. Two of the lengthier and better known trails are the Ozark Highlands Trail and the Ouachita National Trail. Another area that has many different trails along with excellent canoeing is the Buffalo National River, which is our favorite place on earth. Many other trails exist and are too numerous to list. We also enjoy visiting other places located in the Rocky and Appalachian Mountains, and hope to explore many new places we have not yet visited. Arkansas, The Natural State, offers an abundant supply of natural beauty to explore. The Ozark, Boston and Ouachita Mountains offer caves, rock climbing, and rapelling, whitewater canoeing, easy floating streams and rivers, views of elk grazing along the Buffalo River, and endless other scenes of natural beauty. Sunsets and Fall foliage in Arkansas are as colorful as anywhere on earth. Visit the Ozark Society homepage, the Jasper/Newton County Page and also visit our Ozarks link page for good sources of Ozark Mountains information.
"according to my calculations, the problem doesn't exist"

Our family also likes just about any kind of competitive sports. We follow our beloved Arkansas Razorbacks win or lose...GO HAWGS!!!. We're excited about what coach Bobby Petrino is doing and look forward to all the new things he's bringing to the program. We also like to catch some Arkansas Twisters AF2 Arena Football games at Alltel Arena. We'll watch an occasional Arkansas Travelers baseball game too. The Travelers are now playing at the recently constructed Dickey-Stephens Ball Park, located in downtown North Little Rock. The Little Rock skyline provides a beautiful view from the ballpark. The Travelers are a Division AA affiliate of the Anaheim Angels and compete in the Texas League North Division.

"change is inevitable, except from a vending machine"

We like to hunt deer using archery, muzzleloading, modern weapons and even cameras. We are ethical hunters and always obey game and tresspass laws. Allen has a nice 8 point (or 4 x 4 if you like) with a 19" spread and 22" height. It was taken in 1985 near Little Rock. He also has a nice 14 point that he took in October, 2006. You can check out some great Arkansas Bucks by visiting Arkansas Deer Hunting, and find some great hunting discussion at Arkansas Hunting. Allen is president of the Ozark Sportsmen's Association, a non profit organization. Our mission involves many things but primarily involves promoting youth and disabled opportunity, conservation, sportsmanship and ethics, and safety.

"I didn't fight my way to the top of the food chain to be a Vegetarian"

We also enjoy duck hunting. Arkansas is known as the "Mallard Capitol of the World". During the fall and winter months, Mallard formations consistently fill the Arkansas sky, and the delta region becomes a wintering ground for millions of waterfowl. Our Black Labrador Retriever, "Baxter" loves the outdoors, especially water. He's not only a great retreiver, but the best friend a man can have. When duck season comes around, Baxter will be just another one of the guys. We are members and proudly support the conservation efforts of Ducks Unlimited and Delta Waterfowl. Visit our Hunting and Fishing Page at this link, and also visit my duck hunting webpage.

"always remember you are unique, just like everyone else"

When fishing we primarily flyfish for trout. Arkansas' Little Red River is home to the 1st and 2nd place world record German Brown Trout. A lot of nice Rainbow, Cutthroat and some Lake Trout can also be found in Arkansas' tailwaters. We spend most of our fishing time on the Little Red River but also enjoy fishing the White River, Little Missouri River and Spring River just as well. Chris, the youngest son is an avid flyfisherman and is a very proficient fly tyer. Chris can accurately cast a fly further and more accurate than anyone I've ever witnessed. Another family favorite is floating and fishing for Smallmouth on the Buffalo National River (check out some magnicent photos inside this link). Water on the Buffalo is always cool and clear, and the towering limestone bluffs are absolutely beautiful. Not far from Little Rock in north central Arkansas is Greers Ferry Lake, home to the world record Walleye, and the location of our lake home. Fishing doesn't get any better than here in Arkansas. Visit our Fishing in Arkansas link.

"Save the Whales. Collect the whole set"

Judy (mom) likes Arts and Crafts fairs such as the annual War Eagle Craft Fair in Northwest Arkansas or finding "treasures" at flea markets and antique shoppes. She creates and collects many different kinds of crafts. Among her favorites are collecting Country Crafts, Doll Stones, Boyds Bears and Precious Moments figurines. She also enjoys scrapbooking.

"I wonder how much deeper the oceans would be without sponges"

Melissa, our only daughter and oldest "child" is our sweet Melissa. She works at a law firm, is active in physical training, and enjoys anything outdoors. She likes all animals, especially horses. Melissa likes to exercise and works hard at staying physically fit. She, like her mother enjoys collectibles and antiques, and enjoys interior decorating. Melissa is always thinking of others first and is the best friend and daughter anyone could ever have.

"Honk if you love peace and quiet"

Bryan, our oldest son married a beautiful young lady named Brooke on July 9, 2006. The wedding took place at St. Catherines at Bell Gable in Fayetteville. The Rehearsal Dinner took place at Simple Pleasures in Bella Vista. They reside in Northwest Arkansas where they have purchased a home. Bryan owns and operates Outdoor Living, LLC a landscaping and outdoor kitchen contracting business. Brooke gave birth to our first grandbaby "Millie" on October 28, 2008.

Our son Aaron and his spouse Leslie also reside in Northwest Arkansas. Aaron recently graduated from the University of Arkansas where he earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering. He is currently employed by a civil engineering firm in NW Arkansas. Leslie is an RN and works in the medical field. Tucker, their black lab, and Cache, their yellow lab round out their family.

Our youngest son Chris currently resides at our home and looking to start college. He plans to move to Colorado where he intends to someday become a flyfishing guide.

"On the other have different fingers"

We have four of the greatest kids in the world. They are thoughtful, caring and would never do anything to harm someone else. If I could change anything about my kids I wouldn't!

I have several sisters and a brother for whom I am very proud. My sister Linda died in August, 2003 after battling cancer. We'll always remember her loving heart and huge smile. The webpage she built before learning she had cancer remains active and can be visited at this link .

We are currently researching our family genealogy and plan to post a family tree once our research is far enough along. It has been interesting to find out about ancesters we never knew. A few surnames include: Anderson, Baskel, Bateman, Bierman, Chesser, Cole, Glenn, Green, Isherwood, Johnson, Lillybridge, Perisho, Porter, Smith, Sutton, Thornley, Turnbull and Wood. We'd enjoy hearing from other's that share a same surname in their tree.

"He who laughs last thinks slowest"

Mike and Gail are two of our best friends. We share the same interests, and find ourselves doing a lot of things together. Particularly hiking and backpacking. Mike and Gail have a great interest in anything outdoors. They love to snow ski, snow shoe, dive, hike, backpack, and about anything else outdoors. Its all Judy and I can do to keep up. We hope you'll visit their site at Movin On Adventures.

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Little Rock, Arkansas

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