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Last updated: 12/12/00
Ashr'alan Information
World Map
World History
The Present Age
The Reigns of Power
The Pantheon

Character Development
RP in Ashr'alan
Realms of Magic
The Races of Ashr'alan
The Armory

Character Creation
Character Creation Board

Out of Character
General Message Board

Welcome everyone to the new home of our great realm...Ashr'alan! I welcome old players and new visitors alike! Hopefully with everyone's input we can have another great site, and more importantly some great times role playing together!

- Hunter & The Staff -

Monday, December 12th
  • *For now we will use the Regional Section in Yahoo chat, until the staff finds a better Chat program for us all to use.
  • 1. The Character Creation Board is now up! After you have read through the proper sections go there and let your creative juices flow!
  • 2. The Armory is now up!
  • 3. The Pantheon is now up. In it you will find information on the godly powers in Ashr'alan.
  • 4. The section Reigns of Power is up. The section details the modern politics in the world, as well as denotes important persons.
  • 5. The Realms of Magic has been completed. This section has information on the Nature and History of magic in Ashr'alan
  • 6. The section for character development is currently up. Here you will find some helpful RP hint as you create your characters.
  • 7. The Primary rules used for all combat in Ashr'alan are posted under the Conflict/Consent section. All players read these CAREFULLY!

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