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Getting Your Scentsy Business Organized

When I first started selling Scentsy I had so many different ideas. I had it spread out between my living room, my guest room, my garage, my car and my office. Soon, I was to the point where I couldn't find anything. I was getting confused and frustrated. So one day I sat down and worked up a plan for my business. I wrote out how I wanted to run my business and what I had to work with and what I needed and when I needed it.

So here is what works for me:

  • I make lists for everything. At the bottom of this page I will show you some of my lists.
  • I have a place for order forms that are waiting to be ordered, order forms that have been ordered and are waiting to be packed and order forms that have been delivered. I make sure to put the hostess' name on her party's orders before anything else (in case her guests forgot to). I write on them (yellow copy) if it is an outside order. If the order is not from a party, I write where I got the order from; a fair, met at a store, found me on line, etc.
  • When I get low on hostess packets I print up about 10 at a time. Same goes for recruiting info and the things I put into orders.

    I bought some plastic drawers that I keep all my paperwork in:

  • Catalogs
  • Blank order forms
  • Teaser catalogs
  • Product lists
  • Business cards
  • All of the various tri-folds
  • Insert cards
  • Postcards
  • Folders for my hostess packets
  • All the components for my hostess packets
  • Recruiting info (Consultant Spotlights, etc)
  • Decorated stationary (that I use for hostess letters and invitations)
  • Labels - both blank and printed
  • Scentsy stickers ($99, book a party, thank you, etc)
  • Stickers (used to decorate hostess packets, etc
  • Small plastic bags for samples
  • Plastic bags to pack orders (did you know they come in two sizes? In your party order, if you have a customer who orders several warmers, they will send you a larger bag for the order!)
  • Fund raising info

    I have a plastic box that I use when I pack out orders. In it I keep the following:

  • "Light bulbs for life" cards
  • A few blank order forms
  • A black sharpie for blacking out credit card numbers
  • Current or upcoming fliers for Warmer of the Month or other specials
  • Plastic bags
  • A few of the Scentsy shopping bags
  • Printed labels in two sizes
  • Join brochures
  • Sticky notes
  • "Thank You" stickers
  • "$99" stickers
  • A ball point pen
  • A highlighter

    This is everything I need to check in an order and pack it out for a party except for my note. I always print out personalized notes to put in orders from parties. Basically it says: "Thank you for ordering from ___________'s party. She received $_____ in free merchandise. (Light bulbs for life info.) Call with questions. If you know of anyone who needs an extra income call me."

    All I have to do when an order comes in is grab my box and pack it out. When it gets low on supplies, I restock the box. It's easier to restock it every few weeks than to run and print out labels, then try to find a sharpie, then stop to label some brochures.


    I do a lot of shows and fairs so I have a bunch of stock. I had to break down and get an organized list of what I have. I made a simple spreadsheet on Excel. I list:

  • Full sized warmers
  • Mid sized warmers
  • Plug-in warmers
  • Buddies
  • Bars
  • Bricks
  • And all the other items we carry

    Under each heading I list the item name. I have a column for quantity, the price with tax and without tax so I can tell how much money is invested in it.

    When I do a show, I print out the list and take it with me. As I sell items I cross them off. When I get home, I go to the computer and take the sold items out of the spreadsheet. When I do a party, I go into the sheet and take out any items I've used as prizes, etc. Every once in awhile, I have to check the list against the actual items in case I've missed something.


    Party check list

    When I book a party, I pull out a pre-printed list and start checking off things as I do them. The list says:

  • Name of hostess
  • Date of party
  • Address
  • Type of party (In-Home, Open house, Basket, etc)
  • Gave hostess packet and/or basket party
  • Party Planned hostess in person
  • Listed party on workstation
  • Called next day to go over party
  • Mailed invitations for hostess
  • Emailed hostess to check in
  • Hostess replied about finding note on __
  • Mailed hostess note telling her that I'm excited
  • Called hostess a few days before party to see how many are expected
  • Called hostess the day before to remind her I will be early
  • Party held
  • Guests' names
  • Games played
  • What I wore
  • Warmer/fragrance set up
  • Gift to hostess
  • Favors to guests
  • Received outside orders
  • Party total
  • Hostess gifts picked
  • Bookings from party
  • Placed order
  • Emailed hostess to thank her and tell her delivery date
  • Received order
  • Delivered order
  • Mailed thank you to hostess
  • Call back hostess to re-book

    I like to keep track of what I wear, what I give out, who's at the party, etc because I don't want to duplicate anything. I'd hate to show up in the same outfit that I wore at the party that someone dated from. I want the warmer and fragrance being displayed to be different. And I especially don't want to play the same games. So this list helps me twice - first to make sure I do everything and second to keep track of what has been done.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    What I take to Parties

    (See doing a party, the list is there)

    What I Take to Shows

  • Tables
  • Tablecloths
  • EZ up
  • Basket rack
  • AII stock
  • Signs
  • Booking wheel
  • Shipping rate chart
  • Extension cord
  • Hook display & hooks
  • Large basket
  • Small basket
  • Hostess packets
  • Recruiting packets
  • Drawing slips
  • Drawing box
  • Sign for drawing
  • Catalogs
  • Order forms / pens
  • Plastic bags
  • Scentsy bags
  • Samples & give away items
  • Calculator
  • Cash box or pouch
  • Change
  • Buttons/badges
  • Extra labels
  • Food/drinks

    List Of Prospective Hostesses

    Excel spreadsheet where I list people's names, info about them, where we met

    List Of Prospective Recruits

    Excel spreadsheet where I list people's names, info about them, where we met

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