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Services rendered by me may be as either Option (1)  "Full Legal Representation" or Option (2)  "Information Provider".  These options offer the public a growing and innovative method for them to either:    (1) obtain conventional legal representation of an attorney or     (2) if they feel they simply wish to learn about a legal issue or represent themselves they may learn legal information about a specific issue based upon the facts they provide me.

Option (2) "Information Provider" service is simply for those persons who wish to learn something about the law or a particular issue based upon specific questions asked and the particular limited information that is provided me.  Persons most likely to use this "Information Provider" service are those who already know something about the law, either procedural or substantive in nature.  Very basically the best way to look at procedure and substantive law is as follows, but both terms are subject of volumes of hornbooks, treatises and cases.  Procedural law is best put as knowing the procedure to do what you want to do:  where, when, or what to file or do.  In other word what gets you into court or preserves your process rights.  Substantive law is the underlying ways to resolve the matter or the issues involved or the cause of action addressed.  The Information Provider service provides limited self-help for those wishing to proceed by self-representation or "pro se".  This service means that I will not provide the attorney-client services which a client normally or otherwise expects from "their attorney".  As a non-inclusive example I will not make court appearances, file documents, conduct Discovery, be involved in alternative dispute resolution or negotiations, or otherwise discuss matters with your opponent.    You must understand and agree by entering this relationship that I am merely providing you information, forms and in certain instances will prepare documents for you based upon the specific and limited information you provide me.  No attorney-client relationship is established by Option (2) and no confidential relationship is established because information may be exchanged on the Internet, and therefore is potentially accessible to the public.  The information I will provide is deemed reliable based upon what you tell me.  You agree that I have no duty to investigate any fact or matter.  I may tell you that I do not believe it is in your best interest to represent yourself, if I do so I suggest you listen to my opinion or consult another attorney.


Last modified: July 29, 2002 06:51:09 PM