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Services rendered by me may be as either Option (1)  "Full Legal Representation" or Option (2)  "Information Provider".  These options offer the public a growing and innovative method for them to either:    (1) obtain conventional legal representation of an attorney or     (2) if they feel they simply wish to learn about a legal issue or represent themselves they may learn legal information about a specific issue based upon the facts they provide me.

Option (1) establishes a full "attorney-client" relationship.   Information and consultation is confidential and private.  For this reason I specifically request you never to contact me by electronic means, especially e-mail, Cellular Telephone or Digital Telephone.  The Reason:  Information exchanged on the Internet and other electronic means is potentially accessible to the public.  If you disclose information it is potentially no longer confidential.  My rule is:   If you are unsure about the confidentiality of the method of communication do not use it, either call me by conventional telephone line or drop me a letter in the mail.   Any use of electronic communication should be only to confirm appointments, or if I request a particular item of very limited use.  The only method to establish an "attorney-client" relationship with me is to enter and sign a written agreement by which I am your lawyer.  This agreement will set forth among other things my agreement to represent you in a particular matter, any limitations on representation, fees/or method of computation and costs, and duties, rights and liabilities.  In most instances I will require a retainer to be deposited to my IOLTA "Attorney Trust Fund Account" (ATFA) as required by professional regulations.  You will receive a detailed monthly statement and invoice which will reflect the amount drawn from the ATFA as earned fees and reimbursed expense/costs.  Unless otherwise agreed you will in return forward to me the amount invoiced, which will be deposited to the ATFA and maintain the agreed retainer.  At conclusion of representation you will be credited according to agreement, any remaining balance in the ATFA which is attributable to you.

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Rigsby Law Office
Malcolm L. Rigsby
120 W. 2nd. Street (mail P. O. Box 644)
Malvern, Arkansas 72104
Tele:    501/ 337-0609

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