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Welcome to the webpage for Past Archaeology Students at Queens University Belfast.

Please forgive the lack of content on this site but it is quite hard to track all the PASOQ's down! All the information I have gathered can be found below. It is seperated up by graduating year.

I also have photographs from the classes of 1981, 1983 and 1987. These can be found by clicking on the appropriate link below.

The class of 1981

Let us know what you are up to!!!Please sign the guestbook or go to the Forum Use this forum as a base to let us know where you are and what you are up to or, use it to find out where your fellow class mates are or lecturers are up to. Infact use it for just about anything related to your time at Queens archaeology department

Class of 1981|Class of 1983|Class of 1985|Class of 1987|Class of 1989|Class of 1993|Class of 1995|Class of 1997|Class of 1999|Class of 2000|Class of 2002

Here are some miscellaneous photos of some past graduates

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Do you know anything about any past pupils?? Do you have any photographs or interesting stories from your time at Queens? If so e-mail me at the address below and I will feature it on the site! All input is gratefully accepted.


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