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Ann is mother to four children, Rick, Jr., Adam, Beth, and Cassie. She and her husband, Rick, have lived in Conway, Arkansas for twenty-seven years. Ann, the daughter of Truitt and Marjorie Garrett, grew up in rural Holland, Arkansas.
Ann is interested in a variety of subjects: primatology, animals, travel, caving, the paranormal, UFOLOGY, history, and gardening.

Meet Duncan

Ann's passion for primates brought the newest members of her family into her life , Duncan, a wedge-cap capuchin, joined the family in April 1998, and Haley, a blackcap capuchin, arrived in April 2000. She, Duncan and Haley travel around the country to attend Simian Society of America (SSA) chapter meetings and private picnics where other primate owners gather to exchange enrichment ideas and primate socialization. While researching primates, Ann helped establish the Arkansas Chapter of the SSA. She currently sits on the national board of directors and recently accepted a position as an editor of The Simian, the organization's national publication, and serves as president of Arkansas Chapter 55.

Meet Haley


Ann's pets, three Yorkshire terriers, an umbrella cockatoo, two domestic skunks, and a raccoon keep her entertained, and fill the void of a writer's secluded life. She says: "Someone is always doing something to command my attention and laughter."

When she's not working, Ann likes to spend time with friends, travel, read, watch movies, listen to music, garden, and take on an occasional masonry project.



What goes up. . .


. . .must come down.


Seventeen Days Old


Haley on the Fourth of July