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Annie's House Publishing

Annie's House Publising

Books for child care providers

Annie's House Publishing offers books for child care providers. We currently have two books available and you can order them on line.

Two On A Teeter Totter

Using Aroma~Persuasion In Your Child Care Business

This book is made up of the questions posed to child care providers all over the United States and their candid answers. The answers were gathered through email, questionnaires, phone calls and interviews. They are the opinions of the providers, and not the author. In most instances, two or more sides are offered for each question. Hopefully, the questions will make you think and the answers will help you with problems you might have or can avoid by thinking them out before they happen. This book will show you how to create excitement in your day care with prospective parents, how you can feel better, how to calm and stimulate children (and others!), plus what to avoid!
Two On A Teeter Totter Aroma~Persuasion

To order by mail, send a check or money order to Annie's House Publishing, 23525 Platina Drive, Suite A, Santa Clarita, CA 91355

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Books Currently Published by Annie's House

Using Aroma~Persuasion In Your Child Care Business
Two On A Teeter Totter