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If I could capture all the beauty
of the Universe.
The stars upon a midnight sky.
The brightness of the planets
as they flicker into the very
depths of time.
If I could enthrall
the many floral scents
of the Spring and Summer days,
or the misty dew of a chilly Fall,
or the flight of a blue-jay,
or a red one, as seen flying away.
If I could ensnare a youthful bliss
of a teenage kiss,
when strife has not yet been born
into an irresponsible life.
If I could just entrap the
Passion of that first night's
romance and the memories of such,
or even the first
hand touch of such true love,
or a waterfall on a Caribbean Isle,
or the orange sand
on the way to Mexico,
or the excitement in the streets
of New York City, along 5th Ave,
X-Mas week.
Or perfume the multi-colored lights
that twinkle on all the X-Mas trees
around the entire world,
Or paint a portrait of
every painting done,
or give to thee an ocean wave
upon a sandy beach,
or the smell of barbecue
outside your lover's tent,
or bottle up a smile upon a mother's
face, first glancing upon her infant child,
or perfume the gaiety heard in the piano
bars along quaint Bourbon Street,
or the sounds of all the
musicians in the entire world.
I'd wish to be a Master Chemist
of this "Heavenly Perfume"
and give it all to you, my love.

by Dottie Fontaine@