Christmas Thoughts Of You
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Christmas Love

Merry Christmas Darling.
I always think of you
this time of year.
Do you remember
when we kissed
near the X-Mas tree,
on X-Mas Eve?
The Christmas Tree
was twinkling the
night you proposed
to me. A memory
that will always be.
of that night flooding
through my heart,
and wishing
I could hold you now,
and begin again
from the start.
I would do
things differently.
And we would
never part.
I wouldn't hesitate
to marry you now
if you were
at my door.
Those were the days my friend
we thought they'd never end.
But I have never forgotten you.
Maybe we should have married.
Maybe we'd still be here
this year, together
as before.
Snuggled up under
the x-mas tree
with the toys
upon the floor.

My X-Mas tree
is sparkling
with memories
of you.
Tonight you
are in my heart
as always
but each X-Mas
without you
brings tears to me.
Each Christmas year
without you.

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by Dot
To Nat