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The Wild Rose Story

This story was told to me by Pauline Hodges. She heard it from one of the older generations and it went something like this....
A family came through this area in a covered wagon with a sick child (?daughter). The child died and they asked if they could bury here at the Fluty Cemetery. A fieldstone was her only marker. Not long after that a wild rose bush came up exactly where she had been buried. The locals thought it to be a very poignant coincidence. I like to think that perhaps the mother put the rose there to 'decorate' her childs grave since she knew she would not be nearby to place flowers at the site.

The grave was against the fence on the far left side (if standing at the entrance gate) and toward the center of the cemetery. I wonder if it a fieldstone that is currently leaning against the fence in that same general location and so I have reproduced that photo below.

Fieldstone Grave Marker

This fieldstone measures X X .

It is located in a central section of the cemetery against (literally) the fence on the left hand side. Graves nearby include: Halls and many fieldstone markers.