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Ottie Fleming 1891-1903

On the 1900 census for Bayou township, Baxter Co, AR, I find Ollie O Fleming, age 9, with her family. William and Bea Fleming had been married for 12 years. William F Fleming was born in Mississippi or Missouri (his parents were born in Illinois) and Bea (this name is hard to read - could be something else) and her parents were born in Kentucky. Ollie had an older sister named Lula B age 11; a younger brother, William O, aged 7; a younger sister, Shady aged 3; and a younger sister, Millard E aged 1. It appears that there might be one other person in the household, Jackson ?Newton?, aged 29 listed as a nephew.

Ollie O Fleming could be Ollie Ottie Fleming which might explain that version of her name on her headstone. Or, perhaps the engraver made a mistake or the census taker did.

Ottie Fleming Headstone

The full inscription reads:

Daut. of
W. F. & L. A.
May 2, 1891
July 31, 1903
Meet me in
..... Heaven
I am going
home to die no more

This 'O' on 'Ottie' is very strange. It looks like it could be an odd 'A'.

This stone measures X X and is very large for a child's stone. Possibly the largest that I've seen.

This stone is located on the right side of the cemetery a little forward of center. It is between the marker for Ted and Hester Brown (on the left if facing the entrance) and W. L. Lester on the right.


Another closeup