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Flo Wright Byrd

According to Brenda Gentry , Flo was the wife of Grover Cleveland Byrd. They had one daughter together, her name was Opal Bell Byrd and she lived in Kansas City, Missouri. Flo Wright Byrd and several of her family members all died of Tuberculosis. It is not remembered what year Flo died.

A notice in the "Baxter Bulletin" which caught my eye was 'Born to Mr. and Mrs. Grover Byrd, a girl on November 3, [1935].'

Flo Wright Byrd Headstone

The full inscription reads:


This stone measures "H x "W x "D.

It is located in a row that extends under the shade of the walnut trees. It is to the left and forward of some of the oldest markers. Flo was buried between Charles Norman Wright and Ollie Minge.