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2001 Decoration Day at Fluty Cemetery

Decoration Day at Fluty used to be the first Sunday in June. For several years now, it has been held on the Sunday of Memorial Weekend.

We enjoyed meeting up with old friends and family that we hadn't seen for a while. The food was great and I wish I had photographed some of the kids who were running around with blue teeth and tongues from their 'berry' drinks.

I regret that I didn't photograph all of the participants of the 2001 Decoration Day at Fluty. People that I note are not represented in the photos include Woodrow an Pauline Hodges; Elsie Pyeatt; Rhonda Pyeatt; Brenda Metcalf; Marianne Pyeatt; Ransey Cotter; Corine and Max Ray Shrable; and Bill Shrable. This is just based on my observation and memory and is therefore not an all-inclusive list.

The Day after Decoration Day I was fortunate enough to meet Louise Halford Tilson who came from Tulsa, OK, to decorate. She is shown in photo #10 with Roxie Grayham Hicks Cotter who was kind enough to make a trip out to the cemetery to help me look for some unmarked graves.

Please consider joining us next year!

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