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Timeless Treasures®

Take My Breath Away.


You can call it destiny, But some things are meant to be. How things happen, you're never sure why. Was it the sound of her voice, or the light in her eyes? The sound of her laugh, the warmth in her touch, That left you wanting, and needing her so much? For with her only, is your soul truly free.

C. T Turner


Eyes tell many a thing, Joy or sadness from them spring. Eyes are mirrors of the soul, Emotions running hot or cold. Eyes of beauty beyond compare, Eyes of cold and glassy stares. If I could look into your eyes, Would I find truth or many lies? Would I find warm sweet emotion there? Would I find someone who really does care? When our eyes meet and into them I stare so deep, It's then, I will know all the secrets that you keep. Passionate kisses, a lovers embrace, The eyes will tell the story, once face to face.


C. T Turner

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