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UPDATED 1-13-02

Inspirational Page

I am Woman

I am carousel horses and butterflies, Unicorns, music boxes and bright blue skies. Love dwells within my heart, I am romance, passion and all that is art. Roses, mountains and waterfalls, Sunrises, sunsets, and the meadow larks call. I am the dawning of a new day, I am the evening mist that hovers over the bay. Humming birds as the flutter and zoom, Clover blossoms and honey suckle in bloom. I am eyes filled with fire, the spirit of a child, The touch of tenderness, a soul free and wild. Beautiful poetry that speaks to the soul, Storms, lightening and thunder that rolls. I am music and laughter, and sometimes I cry, I am strength, tears and soft gentle sighs. I am woman

C.T Turner 2005


Welcome To The
Soulful Expressions
C. T. Turner


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