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Backstreet Hotel

Hello, and welcome to the Backstreet Hotel! We hope you enjoy your stay, and please don't forget to sign the guestbook at the front desk! Remember to stop by all the Backstreet Boys' rooms. And for a little treat, don't pass up the Backstreet Skyline, our very own restaraunt! And to give your EYES a well-deserved treat, stop by the Backstreet Hall of Fame, where you can view many scrumtious pictures of the Backstreet Boys! Also if you would like to tell me what you think e-mail me at *I am not a BsBer so don't send me mail thats supose to be 4 them* I will be here at the front desk if you need any help. Thank you, enjoy your stay, and have a nice day! Make sure you go to the Skyline we add new stuff everyday. The pictures are out of order...I am in the process of adding more and to do that I had to delet all the 1s I already had. I am sorry. I have not been on latly I am will make sure everything gets fixed so u loving fans of BsBers are up to date. Love ya All! Love, Ray

Hotel Rooms

Kevin's Room
Howie's Room
Brian's Room
AJ's Room
Nick's Room
Sky Line *~* MORE New Stuff*~*
Guest Book