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I am now just beginning to rebuild what was lost when my server shutdown! I appreciate all of your kind emails, good wishes, and the fact that you love this site! It seems this site has made a name for itself as I so hoped in the beginning - and that is that it's the DEDICATION site to W.AXL ROSE, and is enjoyed by his most loyal of fans! Thankyou!! I will always thank Axl Rose for showing me his thanks by inviting me out for a wonderful weekend in California!!!


"November Rain is a song about not wanting to be in the state and having to deal with unrequited love, Estranged is acknowloding it and being there. And having to figure out what to fucking do, it's like being catapulted out into the universe and having no choice about it and having to figure out what the fuck are you gonna do because the things you wanted and worked for just cannot happen and there's nothing you can do about it". "I wrote the song basically about who I am and how I feel and the breakup of my marriage with Erin and how I didn't want it to die. I also applied it to other situations or friendships or family and things you knew it had to end". "Well, when we started to record the song, I brought it to the band and no one really had a concept of what was we were going to do with this thing and it was a very long piece for a lot of changes so it was really exciting to start working on it and finding all the parts and the band trying to figure out what to do with the parts, everybody was very inspired" "I actually had a dream of playing a piano in this song. I started playing the piano, and felt the emotions it was bringing out of me." "I don't necessarily know of anyone who's made a video like this, you know, showing their own emotional destruction and the process of transcending it. Another thing about this video is also a communication with Dylan, he is someone I'm not allowed to communicate with and someone who feels that I abandoned him and I didn't. I was told one thing and shown another and Dylan is robbed of certain things that he likes and I'm also, so trying to transcend that in deal with that. So making the video is like what's really going on, I'm trying to show it. It was really wild when we filmed that scene because in this room (Dylan's room)there's a shelf and ever since Dylan moved out of the house I've always pictured myself sitting on that shelf, just looking at his room. When it came time to film that scene I went up to sit on the shelf, and at the end I just laid down and went on sleep and had the most peaceful sleep, coz I really needed to do that for myself and I really needed to be there in his room, and like it was a very strange way for me to spend time with Dylan in my own mind, that I hadn't taken the time or found the time and it happened on film, but it meant a lot to me, I don't know how long I must have slept, maybe and hour but it felt like five hours but I had a heavy sense of peace that I really like". "Dolphins simbolyse a state of grace and a state of peace". "On stage I'm communicating the song to the crowd but also every situation that relates any of the words are going trough my head at that particular time". "Slash took the song very seriously and the song means a lot to me". "You still have emotions and feelings, not wanting something to die, caring about another person, not wanting members destroy themselves, so this song can be applied to Steven Adler, it can be applied to a lot of people, members of my famyly, relationships I had with Erin and with Stephanie and there is not a goddamn thing you can do about it, so to me, at the present time, sitting here right now, this and Coma are the two heaviest songs I've ever written" "At the conclusion of November Rain things changed.There was an evolving that took place. It's very hard to rise to or transcend the story the way it was intended." "Don't Cry is ...personally I am more proud of it than anything I've done. Those video's are hard to look at. I was in the process of being "fucked over" when November Rain was coming out. For a period of time I was going to buy the video from the band and put it in storage, but decided to "rise" to it and put it out." "After it was done, I felt so good inside cause it pulled ALL this stuff out of me". "This (Estranged) and Coma are the 2 heaviest songs I have ever written". "It is wild to be doing this video with the things going on at home and with family. It woulda been nice if it happened with Stephanie and I, but the woman continually worked very subtly at destroying that, and trying to keep me from being here for some fucking reason. I don't's amazing, certain things are happening, and it's nice to realize that - wow, it wouldn't be as cool if she was here, as when she was the person she was with me. Very strange. Deep inside ALL the emotions you realize you do love this person and care about what happens to them. But, not to the point of being a martyr or hurting anyone in my life."


I recall back in 1997 sitting down and handwriting this entire interview from The Making Of Estranged video!!! The excitement of loving and yes - identifying with every word Axl said is what draws many fans to him! I also was new to the internet,and creating pages, and I typed out the interview for the fans to read - from what I had written on a piece of paper!! Sadly enough, back then - I knew nothing about cutting/pasting! However, I do feel that in the end that is what gave my site it's personality...and made it different, as it came straight from the heart - as my friend Bonnie always said to fans!


I just want to say to Axl publicly - welcome back!
The fans are so excited, and relieved to have you back on the scene!!!
So am I! LOL! Now, the emails are less, and not begging me to tell what Axl looks like! hehe! Relief!
Thanks Ana for your help!