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                                                       "Until Then"                                                    #1


Lyin alone in my bed

thoughts runnin through my head

Wonderin 10 years from now who I'll be and who I'm with

Then I see a shooting star and make a wish



Although I've never met you, I know that you exist

Cuz I've never felt in my heart, a greater love than this

And about us meeting, well I know not how or when

But I'll keep wishin for you until then


Maybe I'll be far away

You might come at night or mid-day

But I'll look into your eyes and youll sweep me off the floor

And I'll fall into your arms forever more




And when it comes that day, I'll look at you and say


That baby I know everybody has a dream of the one they wanna be with

But I could never dream in a million years that you would be like this