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                                                       "Touch My Soul"                                                    #5


Yea you really touch my soul

And I just wanted you to know

You understand the way I feel

And I know when we're together

I wanna stay with you forever

Come on and tell me this is real



you're the only one for me,

we are each other's destiny

God had in mind the perfect plan

When he took my life and made you my man

And I don't know what I Would do

With a day, just one day without you


Baby you are my best friend

And I'll be there till the end

Cuz I know that you're the one for me

Oh you're my whole world

And I can't believe I'm your girl

I just hope you can see




I've never felt so right, I've never felt so safe

I dream of you at night, and think of you all day