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                                                       "That's Me"                                                    #4


Some say I'm different, well that's ok by me

I like to be who I am, but it's not done easily

So many people out there, tellin me to change

But I refuse to do that, because I refuse to be fake



Yea I like country music, and to nap on a rainy day

I like tryin to play guitar, and doin things my way

I wanna dance out in the rain, and do some crazy things

And if you don't like it I'm sorry, but thats me


I see all these people, doin things the same.

They share a very backbone, only a different name.

Yea I've never understood, why they treat life that way

And if they asked who I was, I'd look at them and say


*Chorus 2*

I'm really loud yet quiet, so bold yet so meek

Sometimes I'll talk your ear off, at times I'll barely speak

Im a mix of contradictions, a great big mess indeed

And if ya dont like it, I'm sorry but thats me


Yea well I'm me now and I's me then and I'll be me from now on

And if you dont like it, ya know what to do...

Turn to another song!


Me, yea yea me, yes me,

and if ya don't like it, I'm sorry! But thats me