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                                                  "Take Me To That Place"                     #6                      


Yea I remember just how it felt

to be the one, you're only one

I remember the way you'd make my heart melt

Everytime a night with you begun


But as time went on, our love started to die

Oh but we're holdin strong

I know we'll keep floatin by

We'll keep carryin on


But I wanna go back to where our love was fresh and new

and baby here's one thing that I have to ask of you



Take me to that place, where we used to dance

the sky was filled with love, and love with sweet romance

where each time you'd kiss me, my heart'd begin to race

yea I wanna go back there baby, take me to that place


Over the years, all love begins to die.

And I know that that's okay, it's just a part of life.

But I also know baby, that with just a little try,

we can turn this love around, we can set it back on fire. 


I think baby, we should take a little stroll

and I think you know baby, just where I wanna go




Yea I wanna go back there baby, so take me to that place