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                                                       "Rain Song"                                                    #2


Rain is fallin, in the middle of the night

and knowin that you're comin, makes everything all right

Wearin my new dance shoes, and that dress you bought for me

ready to go dancin, in the middle of the street

then you walk in through my door

I say "Im glad you came"

Then you look at me and whisper

"Lets go dancin in the rain"



Twirlin, slowly, rain pourin down on us

And sweetly you kiss me, and nothin matters cuz

I got you baby, and we're dancin in the rain


Lookin into your eyes, I see my hope of strength and truth

and what I wouldn't give, to stay here with you

Makin our own music, the world's completely still

I wanna be here with you always, I like the way this feels

I like to feel your arms around me, and know that it's alright

I could stay right here forever, and dance into the night




I hear a knock on my door, you walk in and awake me

You ask what I was dreaming, I said I dreamed of you and me

You had your arms around me, we were dancin in the rain

The dream was just beginning, when you came

You smiled and said you love me, and that you'd just dreamed the same

so you came here just to ask me, if I'd go dancin in the rain


(So we were)