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Meet Me

  • Hello! My name is Jo Beth. I live in a beautiful home in Ozark, Arkansas. I am five three with dark skin, short brown hair, and BLACK eyes. God has really blessed me in life. He has given me the wonderful place that I live, and the wonderful family that I live there with. My mother is my best friend in the whole wide world, although it was a long tough road to get to this point. Now that we're here, I can't imagine being anything less than best friends. :) My dad is a really great man and I'm fortunate to have him around. You guys know him as Braindead, but he is so much more I tell ya. Very protective, yes...but wouldn't you be with your baby girl? I love the man to death. Then you have my two brothers...Dustin and Jody. Believe it or not, they're cool too. Dustin is 17 and Jody is 21. I normally complain about being the very youngest and not having a sister, but I've grown to appreciate it. Two strong brothers looking out for their baby sister is far more important to me than it used to be.

    I am extremely into COMPUTERS, track, Youth, and choir...other things I like to do with my time include riding fourwheelers, deer hunting, fishing, shooting guns, shopping, talking on the phone, watching TV and hanging out with my friends. Okay, so you're wondering about college? I can't wait to go. I love my family...but I'm ready to get out of here :) I'd like to major in Computer Science and go to college in North Carolina. I'm not sure what college exactly, but someone told me Wilmington is a great place (on the beach)...and the UNCW is there, so that might be an option. I've wanted to go to college in NC for a long time, and I hope this dream comes true! Maybe Ill live there too...I'd really like that. I love music. My favorite is mellow bluegrass country singer Pat Green. But I like the old stuff to. Journey, Boston..Foreigner...and my favorite hobby? Singing and writing. Writing songs, poetry, stories...anything.

    Aurora is my favorite name in the whole wide world. One of these days I hope to name my daughter Aurora...

    Love, Aur

    Mythology of Aurora