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                                                       "All I Want"                                                    #3


Yea by myself again tonight, readin my new magazine

It says bein in love is so right, but its not so right for me

Oh I've never needed anyone, to complete me

But lately I've been thinkin, I'm tired of bein lonely



All I want, is somebody to run to

And all I need, is somebody who cares

Who cares enough to stay

And he won't run away

When times get tough

All I want, is somebody to love


Yea I met him at a dance hall, Last October the 13th

He loved me and he gave his all, He was devoted completely

But after a while, we grew apart

one winter night he asked me, exactly what I want

(And I said)




Yea I know that love is real, although sometimes I don't see it,

But you know just how I feel, and you know just what I'm needin