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Christian Witch

(This is a path I once followed. Although, now I do not folow the teachings of Christianity, I leave it up on this site to help those who wish to blend these religions. I had thought about taking it down, but the reviews I get on this section encouraged me to leave it. So I leave it for those of you still searching, for those of you who wish to blend your backgrounds, and for those of you who wish to learn more of other paths and blends. These were only my opinions at that point in my life, nothing more. Take from it what you will. Keep the doorways to tolerance open in your heart and remember, To each his own. Blessed Be)

First of all you should know that when I came out as a Christian witch I was mocked and cast away by both Christians and Pagans! It is not an easy life.

You should also know that my path, my values, my beliefs they are constantly changing! So what I believe today may have evolved into something new by tomorrow! Keep that in mind.

Also, if you are thinking about combining these two religions as I have done, you should know that you are free to choose what you believe. You do not necessarily have to believe as I do. That is why when asked about my religion I always say "Pagan," because I am very eclectic and borrow from many different religions.

I celebrate both Christian holidays and the Pagan sabbats. I believe that the one true way to live is simple; abide the rede, the three fold law, keep close to the workings of Karma and the universal mother Earth, and every decision you make, make it with a pure heart. That is my faith in a nutshell!

I do believe in the Christian God. As of currently I am working out a few concepts or theories on this particular sanction of my belief system. Here are those concepts or ideas.

Concept One: There is only one God. This is the supreme power of all things. It is both male and female, all races, all religions, or it is none. This theory is based simply on this, If God is God off all people and things how can he be a white man? How could he be a black woman? He is the God of all races so he must be all races or none in my opinion.

Concept Two: There is only one God, but there are many different faces of God. Much like the Hindu, this concept is based on the fact the God has many faces and each face is God/dess of a particular thing. There is still only one supreme being but several ways to relate to that being.

Concept Three: There is a multitude of Gods and Goddesses. In Genesis in the bible it is said that God made man in his own image. If so then why are women and men anatomically different? Are we not both in the image of God? Also on this one I will refer to the ten Commandments. God says, "Ye shall have no other God above me." Does this not lead us to believe that there are other gods? And if there are other gods then there must be female deities as well, don't you think? So I kind of take this concept as my belief right now. For me, it is kind of like in Greek Mythology, Zeus was the head honcho. He was always prayed to first, respected the most, feared the most, but after that the people were free to worship the other Gods. Maybe that is what God meant by that commandment.

Another aspect that people say is a sin and in the bible is Homosexuality. First of all I do not believe this to be in the bible. I believe God destroyed Sodom and Gomorra (please excuse my spelling) because the city was wicked. They were wicked because they raped! It never says they were wicked because they were gay, that is just how it seems to be interrupted by most people.

I also believe in Satan, something Pagans do not usually believe in. I won't go as far to say that I believe there is an actual entity called Satan, but I know there is definitely a darker force out there. There is something where no good comes from. I'm not sure why I believe this so strongly, maybe it is just because I was raised in Christianity? I'm not sure, but today I know that I believe it very much.

Another major belief that I hold very near to my heart is this, It is NOT okay to harass or bash someone for their religious beliefs! This is absolutely uncalled for. You never put someone down because they disagree with you! Freedom of religion, means every religion. It applies to everyone! If a Christian tells you Jesus loves you, don't start a fight just say thank you. Now on the other hand, if a Christian tells you that you are satanic and going to hell, and they just will not leave you alone, that is harassment. Do not take it laying down! Don't go down to their level, but go through the proper channels so you do not have to deal with that anymore!

This is not an easy decision to make. I have spent the last six or so years bouncing back in forth between Christianity and Paganism. For me, I feel like this is the answer. I have finally found some peace! I wish you all well on your spiritual journey and blessed be!