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Well here it is. Our link page, We remember when we first got on-line there were so many things that we wanted to see, we just didn't know where to find it, so with this link page we plan have a link to everything that one person might need or simply want to see. If you are looking for something that isn't on this page just e-mail us and we will be more then happy to find it for you...
~~Zone and Heaven

This page would have taken a lot longer to put together if it weren't for Foo... Thanks Foo.... check out her GREAT site just click on the picture!!!

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Free E-mail Links

*Miscellaneous Goodies*
Free Downloads for Win95/98
DLL File Download Spot...Find your missing files here.
Gray Haven...a site for newbies

Top 50... really cool, has 50 links for several categories.
The World Wide Web's Premier One-Stop Research Homepage HTML, Java, other stuff
lots of links and cool stuff here.
Hut's Links... ga-zillions of them.





*Music Links*
Reena's Music Page...crescendo and real player wavs for some of the hottest hits and some oldies.
Wav Page... several links to great wav pages
Mike's HomeTurf... wavs, pow wow info, more.
The Midi City

What's the Damn Password?
Links to Hackers Sites

*Communicate With Others Via Internet*

ICQ Message Panel
SMS Messaging/Mobile Telephone Network/a>
... send messages all over the worls via cell phones

The Font Site
David & Alex's Font World
Fonts on the Web
Agent J's Font Design
Free Shareware Fonts

*WebSite Help*
MSW Webmaster Resources...basically everything you might need to know to build a webpage
The Easiest HTML Guide for Beginners
The World At Our Fingers... resources to make great homepages

*Paint Shop Pro Help/Add-ons*

PaintShop Pro Tips
Abstract Dimensions...psp tips, filters, ect.
i/us plugins... psp stuff

*Pics For Avatars/Homepages/etc*
Allen Roger's Photography
Andrea's Anne Geddes Gallery... those cute babies in flower pots and costumes
Kim Anderson Gallery... more adorable kids
Freeload's Image Page
*Links To Hacker Sites*
Links to Hackers Sites

*DLL Files*
Find Those Missing DLL Files

Animated Gifs Online
Free Web Page Graphics

*Java Stuff*
David Griffith's Home... all about web design
Java Web Spigots
Java Script Source
Java Boutique
Instant Java
Java Centre

Adobe Homepage

*Miscellaneous Sites*
Web stuff
The Widows Web
Cinn's Music Room...Real Audio
Erik's Homepage...midi's, jokes, etc.
The Funny Pages
Shady's Web World

*Movie Stuff*
Fox Movies Online
Movie Web...nice place to get movie pis, sound bites, etc.
*MTV/Sam Goody/Columbia House/BMG*
MTV Online
Sam Goody
BMG Entertainment


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