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Famous Sigma Gamma Rho's

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  • Victorine Adams- Maryland General Assembly
  • Vanessa Bell Armstrong-Gospel Songstress
  • Wilhelmina Baldwin-Tuskegeee Institute
  • Willie T.DD. Barrow-Civil Rights Activist
  • Lillian Mclean Beard-Pediatrician
  • Louise Beavers-Actress
  • Beatrice Berry-Talk Show Host
  • Cecilia Birt-Opera Singer
  • Lindy Boggs-First woman to chair a national convention of a major political party
  • Cheryl Broussard-Author
  • Corrine Brown-U.S.Representative of Florida
  • Lillian Jones Brown-Dramatist
  • Mary Cable-Teacher and Principal
  • Lee Chamberlin-Actress
  • Gwendolyn Cherry-Former Florida Congresswoman
  • Alice Childress-Author
  • Bertha Collins-Assistant to the Mayor of Ft.Worth
  • Mattie Rice Coney-Director of Citizens Forum
  • Merri Dee-Television Personality
  • Suzanne Douglass-Actress
  • Alice Allison Dunnigan-Actress
  • Virginia Flemings-Composer
  • Margaret Harison Flower-Artist
  • Virgie Fry-Councilwoman, PrarieView,TX
  • Ann Fudge-CEO Maxwell House
  • Cathy Fudge-CEO Radio One
  • Irene McCoy Gaines-Social Legislation,Chicago
  • Maude Roberts George-Musician
  • Mercedes Gilbert-Actress
  • Lorraine Hale-Director of Hale House
  • Hazel Hart Hendricks-Teacher
  • Cynthia Horner-Editor-inChief of "right On"
  • Anna Maria Horsford-Actress
  • Christine Houston-Scriptwriter of the Jeffersons
  • Alma Illery-Founder of George Washington Carver Commemoration
  • Alice Hille Jackson-Artist
  • Isceola Johnson-Author
  • Fannie Jones-St.Louis Director of Governors Branch Offices of Human Relations
  • Brenda Joysmith-Artist
  • Marie Lafontant-Founder of Haitian Research Center
  • Kiamsha Madelyn Leeke-Lawyer and Author
  • Leignann Lord-Comedian
  • Vivian White Marbury-Founder
  • Leah Brock McCartney-Attorney and Judge
  • Hattie McDaniels-First African American Actress to win an Oscar
  • Patricia Miller-Opera Singer
  • Ruth Nesbitt-Commissioner of Public Servuce
  • Marion Poe-First Negro woman to be admitted to the bar in the South
  • Beatrice Powell-Director of Mary Kay Cosmetics
  • Georgia Powers-Senator
  • Bessie Procter-Minister
  • Mary Pruitt-State Representative
  • Erika Ragland-Committee on Labor and Human Responses
  • Maxine Roberson-Author
  • Victoria Rowell-Actress
  • April Sinclair-Author
  • Margaret Smith-Senator
  • Joyce Thomas-Author
  • Dorothy Lee Thompson-Union President
  • Era Bell Thompson-Journalist,Johnson Publishing
  • Chrystal Twyman-Deputy Press Secretary
  • Mary Washington-First African American CPA
  • Rosa Page Welch-Messo Soprano
  • Ruth Whitehead Whaley-Civil Rights and Women's Rights Activist
  • Tanya Williams-Actress
  • Joyce Williams-First African-American Judge in Arkansas
  • Priscilla Williams-Author
  • Alice Woodward-Author
  • Rev. Willie Barrow-Director of Operation Push/Rainbow Coalition
  • Lillian Beard-Former Columnist of Good Housekeeping
  • Jocelyn Brown-National Sales Director of Essence Magazine
  • Merri Dee-Communtiy Affairs Director WGN-TV
  • Brenda Joysmith-Artist
  • Mother Love-Tv Show Hostess
  • Brenda Pressley-Actress
  • Emily D. Gunter-Motivational Speaker
  • Nancy McCormick
  • Ruth V. Sims-NAACP
  • Maysa Leak-Songstress

    If you know of any other sorors who should be added to the list email us!!!!!!!!