A matter of life and death...


When will you wake up?   [...some heavy-handed commentary on this rediculous world...] When will you see?  When will you understand?  In the material world there is time and space.  The world of spirit is outside time and space.   There is no distance in the spirit and no time.

Unless a man is born again of the spirit he shall not see the Kingdom of God.  The new spiritual birth is instantaneous and outside time.  The material body remains in time and is changed only gradually to conform to the timeless life of the spirit.  The ultimate change is called "death."  It is not really death, however, to the born-again ones, but rather a transition from the dichotomy of living in two dimensions to living in one.   For those who have not been reborn in the spirit, physical death translates to instantaneous spiritual existence in a state of spiritual death, e.g., without the life of God.  As the condition of spiritual life in God is endless, so too is the condition of spiritual death separated from God.

Jesus Christ is made life to us.   He is actually who He claimed to be.  He lives now and forever.  He is the way, the truth, and the life.  Where would you go, if not to Him?   Can you save yourself?   There is no other way into spiritual life.

Why not look further into this matter?  It does not matter who you are, nor what you have done...  all who can believe in Him find acceptance.  The gift of Jesus is free from the Father to all who will accept it.

There's really only one hope for us.  You may be happy with the world as it is, but one day you'll wake up and discover it truly sucks.  Like me, most people are a bunch of half-baked accidents waiting for a place to happen.  Money is useless at the end.   Good sex may thrill you now, but it can't give you Heaven.  Huge muscles are another sign of weakness.  Even young healthy people die like dogs from time to time.  Age takes us all, even if we don't die young.  What good is your career in the grave?  An IQ of 190 won't protect you from the real Enemy.  Worldly power is a lie.  Worldly riches cover your actual poverty.  Worldly knowledge is ignorance of Truth.  Do you think you are okay?   Then why do you get sick?   You think you have it together?   Why do you get angry?   You think you're happy?  Why are you depressed?

Evolutionists notwithstanding, you're first parents turned it all over to Satan [the real Enemy], and you're just like them.   You suck up to him in everything you do...  and nothing on Earth can save you from hell...  but Jesus holds His hand out from Heaven...   all you have to do is take hold of it...  your choice.  Choose Life or Death.