1st Church of the Internet Adds a Million Sites


What is the 1st Church of the Internet?

Although not generally recognized by old line organized religions, the 1st Church of the Internet, also known as Net-church, is the largest single denomination in the world. The members of this church worship at their computers on-line.  The membership of this church is thought to exceed 50 million devotees.

Who are the members of Net-church?

They consist mainly of males, but include a growing number of females.  For the most part they are males between the ages of 18 and 60, but there are increasing numbers of converts on both sides of that age group, as well as in the opposite sex.

Who is it that these net congregations have come to worship?

This, it turns out, is a religion that worships many goddesses and a number of gods also.  Estimates are that worship services include the praise of as many as 25,000 separate goddesses.  These are worshiped primarily by heterosexual males.  Also a number of gods are worshiped by the growing group of homosexual men in the congregation.  Many of those worshiped as goddesses are well known to the public, but many are completely unknown outside the Church.

Who are these goddesses?

As mentioned before this congregation believes in a vast array of goddesses.  There are over a million sites containing their images, which are faithfully viewed and worshiped.  These goddesses have been called by many names--"the beautiful women of the Net," "babes," "celebrities," "super models," "models," "porn stars," "nudes," "nude women," "sexy women," "naked teens," etc. Many of their devotees maintain large scanned collections of their images and exhibit some of them on their net sites, which are often referred to as "shrines" or "worship" pages. Some collections seem to specialize in nude and semi-nude images of these deities.  Others seem to prefer them bikini clad and/or in underwear and in various other fashions. However, by far the largest number of sites are devoted to exposing both the goddesses and their counterpart gods in a wide variety of sex acts depicted both by scanned images and in electronic videos.  These sites tend to focus more on the genitals than on the beauty of the nude or semi-nude bodies.

Is Net-church a throwback to Ancient Fertility Rites and the Worship of Sex and Sex Organs?

It has been noted by many that the most guarded, and presumably most holy, sites in Net-church are those where the goddesses are shown in provocative nude or nearly nude poses.  Those who have pilgrimaged to these sites have been known to perform various sex acts at the height of worship while viewing these images.  Large segments of the congregation have downloaded hundreds of such for viewing off line during their private devotions. All of this is reminiscent of the ancient Temple worship where many came to worship images of various fertility and sex gods and goddesses, and wherein worshipers had sex with Temple prostitutes.

Preachers, teachers, evangelists, and other ministers of Net-church regularly charge to perform religious services or to exhibit images and videos of goddesses and gods.

Many thousands of Net-church sites are labeled with "adults only" warnings strongly urging all pilgrims under the age of 18 to go away. Otherís require so-called "adult certification."  Most require that worshipers pay a sum of money (usually by credit card) before entrance into the sanctuary is permitted. Once they have entered the sanctuary, the faithful (those who paid the money) are given access to a number of sexually explicit images and activities such as, sex videos, hardcore pictures, on-line sex, sex games, etc.

Hardcore Sites Attract the Greatest Numbers of Worshipers.

Although many worshipers prefer to surf the free sites and to view their images from kindred souls who offer them freely in various shrines and holy places throughout the Net, by far the greatest numbers of Church members prefer to pay to enter the many "hardcore" centers of worship which are everywhere on the World Wide Web.  This largest group borders on fanaticism and in order to gain entrance to such sites will gladly incur credit card debt. Many would rather gorge themselves on the various representations of "singles, doubles, trios and multiples" in  sexual activities than eat their favorite food. The world at large refers to these sites negatively as "porn or porno" sites, but to the religious devotee of Net-church these places exert an attraction that is nearly irresistible. In these sites every imaginable sexual act and sexual perversion is depicted--from images of these "gods and goddesses" shown playing with their genitals to their interactions with various animals.  Hours upon hours, day and night, are spent in devotions before the most perverted and gross of sexual imagery.

The gods and goddesses of Net-church Show No Shame in the Number and Kinds of Explicit Sex Acts Performed in Church Sanctuaries.

In the insatiable drive to increase numbers and donations it seems that "ministers" of Net-church sex sites are willing to try almost anything to beat their competition (the other sex sites).  There is great competition to see who can advertise the most provocative ceremonies.  The use of the most vulgar language abounds in their banners with the most grossly perverted images.  They advertise sex between individuals of all ages.  Children and animals are not excepted.  They seed Net search engines with catch words and phrases in the attempt to attract unsuspecting persons looking for other information.  Their images proliferate on every site that will permit them.

Amateur Congregations are Springing up Everywhere.

Hundreds of thousands of lay persons are opening small Net-church sites and are offering the same kinds of services as at the larger Church sites.  Many of these amateurs are attracting large followings.  Many Net-churchians are interested in viewing greater varieties of sexually oriented images and videos.  Amateur sites offer a less polished presentation and are often more attractive because they seem less professional and contrived to members who are seeking truer imagery.  Husbands, wives, college students, and others are finding the opening of such sites to be a good source of income.  Many have installed what are termed "webcams," which for a fee allow worshipers to voyeuristically watch as persons seem to be carrying on their daily lives, including having sex, taking showers, etc.

Net gods and goddesses exposed.

There are increasing outcries among "non-believers" that the so-called Net gods and goddesses are not at all divine, but in fact are merely human whores and prostitutes, both hetero and homosexual. There is increasingly convincing evidence that those exposing themselves before Net-church congregations are in it strictly for the money.  It has been alleged that ministers of sex are not seeking the welfare of Church members, but rather seek only larger and larger donations from those who have become addicted to viewing their sexual imageries.  There have been a significant number of documented instances of Church ministers stealing and using each otherís videos and porn images.  Many, it has been revealed, have stooped to taking head shots of famous celebrities and have seamlessly pasted them on the nude photos of unknown personages--often in the most perverted of pornographic representations.

In Spite of Wide-spread Money Scandals and Increasingly Bizarre Sex Depictions, Millions of devotees continue to support Net-church.

Millions continue to join and to worship daily at myriads of Net-church temple sites freely paying the required donations.  Typical church services go on for many hours as deeply converted believers worship the nude bodies of men, women, and children much as the ancients worshiped idols as divine entities.  Their hunger to visit these sites is very strong and takes a large bite out of their daily activities.  Growing numbers find themselves hooked, as it were, on various sex fetishes involving feet, hair, sex organs, urination, etc.  Others find themselves in love with "bondage"--acts of sexual violence and abuse.  From behind their flickering monitors they avidly watch the range of ritualistic sexual debauchery--including such perversions as "spanking," torture, rape, and even murder.

Net-church Members are Seen to Default on the Normal Duties of Their Daily Lives.

Recent studies are showing that Church members often become so taken up with the various forms of sex worship that they have difficulty maintaining their normal daily responsibilities.  Expanding numbers are finding it difficult to concentrate on their jobs.  Many more are not taking care of their families.  Many wives and children are finding themselves "widowed" and/or "abandoned" by husbands and fathers who have joined the "Church"--spending long hours in on-line compulsive sex worship.  After secretly worshiping at the altars of sex on the Net they are either too tired or too perverted to have normal sexual intimacy with their wives.  Many are getting sick as their immune systems degenerate from sleep deprivation.  Desperate TV networks and movie producers have attempted to recapture some of their lost audience by producing programs and movies with greater and more graphic sexual content.

Everywhere the People Turn Their Attention to Sex.

Millions upon millions of persons sit before computers, television screens, and at the movies intently looking for images of naked men, women, and children.  They are willing to provide credit and ATM card numbers to gain access to such materials and to pay for videos, buy movie tickets, and to buy TV and other equipment in higher resolutions to improve the quality of such images.  The drive is strong...often overpowering...whether it be heterosexual, homosexual, trans-species, pedophilia, or other.  The exposure of the human body as an object of praise and sexual attraction dominates the media---in advertisements, in movies, sit-coms, talk-shows, documentaries, exposťs, and as mentioned earlier is everywhere on the Internet.  The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has reported a significant rise in sexual harassment complaints in spite of increased training in the prevention of sexual harassment across the board in private and government organizations.  Prostitution is at an all time high.  Topless and nude dancing clubs are bringing entrepreneurs billions in profits.  A provocative sex or nude scene can double or triple the rating of almost any television series on any given night that it is advertised. Women "hit" on men, women on women, and men on men.  The heterosexual is a declining group.  Homosexual aggression has grown geometrically in the last 10 years. And in support of all this is a huge congregation of sex worshipers who roam the Internet in search of sexual imagery of every imaginable kind, and who are willing to pay premiums for it.  The world wide 1st Church of the Internet is in full operation and itís adherents are not worshiping the true God of the Universe, but have turned their focus on the so-called "gods" and "goddesses" of the Internet.

To All Who are In the Sex Trade, Who are Sex Trade Customers, Who Love Pornography, and to Everyone Else.

To all of you who work in the sex trade both those in front of the camera and those behind it, and especially to the producers, managers, and owners of the industries of sex, and to all the voyeurs and worshipers of sex and sex imagery, the Lord God of the Universe (He who created all of us and who keeps us alive) has some words of interest.

 "You shall have no strange gods before me. You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only shall you serve."

"There is none righteous, no, not one: There is none that understands. There is none that seeks after God. They are all gone out of the way. They are together become unprofitable; there is none that does good. No, not one. Their throat is an open grave; with their tongues they have used deceit; the poison of asps is under their lips, whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness. Their feet are swift to shed blood. Destruction and misery are in their ways. And the way of peace they have not known. There is no fear of God before their eyes."

In other words:  "All have sinned, and come short of the glory of God."

Do not focus on the creature.  Focus on the Creator who made the creature.  On earth all creatures grow old and die.  The most beautiful of men and women soon become shriveled, spotted, and old. They sicken and die quickly, even the most tender and lovely flower on the World Wide Web.

It is time to turn our focus toward God and to receive forgiveness for all our transgressions, sexual or otherwise.  It is time to wake up from the empty dream we have been living.  Yet sex worship is not the only sin in this world.  All of us are guilty of lying, stealing, cheating, hating, etc. We will all die and go to Hell unless we receive the forgiveness and acceptance of God Almighty.

Now is the time to receive "the righteousness of God which comes from faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe....being justified freely by his unmerited favor through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus."  

In other words, Jesus came down from Heaven, where He always lived with the Father, took on human nature; let Himself be sacrificed through painful crucifixion; paid for all the sin of mankind, who are all children of Adam and Eve, and was resurrected back into Heaven where He is at the right hand of the Father today.  From there He freely offers what is called the "grace of salvation"--that is, forgiveness for sin and acceptance into the Kingdom of Heaven for all who will believe in Him and trust that He was and is the Son of God--the redeemer of mankind from a fate worse than death! --i.e., that of burning in Hell forever.  Jesus perfectly expresses the love of God.

Jesus holds out his forgiving hand to all who are in the sex trade and to all its customers.  He shows us a far better way...not a path that leads to sickness and death, but one that leads a wonderful and joyful time in a fantastic place called Heaven!

What are we waiting for?