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it has been said
among the well fed
that a woman wants money
the man wants her in bed
but the poor instead
go from door to door
and only beg for bread
I am a man with flaws
resenting authority
but breaking no laws
I have lots of anxiety
frustration and discontentment
not big on modern society
not long on smaltz or sentiment
when I stub my toe
I cuss and swear
when traffic is slow
I sound like a bear
I have no taste
when it comes to clothes
use napkins to blow my nose
spread dirt all over the place
I pound on the table
when I don't get my way
and shout at the TV
when I don't like what they say
all I ever wanted
was a woman who
would love and understand
I'm rough on the outside
inside soft as sand
a woman who could see right through
the rumbling and grumbling about life
into my heart tender and true
to be my friend and wife
all I ever wanted
was a woman who
would love me as I am
but such a woman
I have never found
now I am old
and almost dead
and I wonder what
made them despise me
was it something I said?
When you're old
you get cold
I am told
When you die
Your house will be sold
and the money will go
to the young and the bold
for them to spend
as if there were no end
until nothing of you remains
but some mold
except for our faith
more precious than gold