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Its hard to handle it when someone defines you as a fool, simply because you reject the idea of "God."   The actual defining statement is:  "A fool has said in his heart, 'there is no God.'"   You see...if you reject the very idea of "God" out of hand, it is likely that you are, at the very least,  guilty of making a judgement based on limited perspective and too little information or of making a very foolish, potentially fatal,  mistake. These are some of the reasons:   [the reasons...] mg9802.jpg (26685 bytes) the reasons...  You, as a human being, simply cannot gain the breadth or depth of  perspective on the universe or on the nature of existence necessary to make an accurate  judgement on the matter.  You are sensual, Earth-bound,  and exist within the highly limited confines of your physical body.  Psychologists have demonstrated that man is essentially limited to sensory data as his source for acquiring knowledge of the universe.  Sensory data, even augmented by machines,  is completely
Image3l.jpg (61343 bytes) unable to provide us with sufficient information upon which to make definitive judgements about the nature o the universe and how it came into being.  Who does thou make thyself, indeed?!

The Bible says God created the universe in six days then rested from His work on the seventh.  People have engaged in pointless arguments over how long these "days" of creation actually were.  The Bible doesn't satisfy our desire for clarification and details about the origins of the universe.  It simply says, "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."

The "big bang" theory doesn't explain anything either.   Even it there were a "big bang" a long time ago, one might still wonder who caused the "big bang?"  I say one either accepts the Bible's abbreviated account or one makes guesses based on what scientific evidence we can find.  

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Science hasn't been able to find or present much in the way of evidence, other than to suggest that it seems we inhabit a very small planet in a solar system located somewhere in the edges of the Milky Way galaxy among what appears to be innumerable other galaxies.

Frankly,   I'm more comfortable with the Bible's six days.  Anyway when I look around it seems obvious that someone "very big, very brilliant, and very powerful" had to make all this.  When it comes to the Bible, I'm more interested 

mg9804.jpg (29167 bytes) in the red print anyway.  Those are the words attributed to Jesus Christ.  He is the one that amazes me, both what he says and what he does.  He claims to be God the Son.  Whatever that means in its depth, it certainly means that he claimed to be God.  Considering the rest of what he said and did, he would have had to have been insane and brilliant at the same time to have made such a claim and then to die for it.   After reading and rereading, I'm convinced he was and is the Son of God.




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