Welcome to Madison's Super-de-duper Barney Webpage!
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Welcome to Madison's Super-de-duper Barney Webpage!

Welcome to my home page! Please come in and browse often. This is a work in progress with many things to come. Coming attractions include Barney pics and sound waves. Also coming are more images and more links. Please bookmark this page and include me as links on your home pages. Please email with your comments and your links so that I can add your home page to my list of links. Check out my families photo album!

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My Favorite Links

Barney's Official Website
Barney the purple dinosaur
Terrific Cartoon Graphics
Disney On-Line
Blue's Barney Page

My Favorite Toys!

  • Little Tikes Barnyard
  • My Water Baby
  • Remote Controls
  • Telephones

Email: weaver@ridgenet.com