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Hello, my name is Billy and I want to welcome you to my homepage.

I am 41 years old and I live in Alma, Arkansas with my wife and kids.

I have lived here most of my life and attended Alma High School . I started my carrer as a Butcher's Aid in our local grocery store meat market for 6 years. After getting married, I started working as a truck driver (local and over the road) at Riverside Furniture Co. in Ft. Smith, Arkansas in 1988, then transfered to our Distibution Center where I operated a clamplift for about 8 or 9 years, then moved to the office upstairs in the Traffic Deptartment. Few years later I am back out on the floor as a Shipping Supervisor.

My hobbies are hiking, fishing, hunting, golf (and I must add, with a major handicap), computers, and spending time with the family.

Below is a pic of my dad who lost a long painful battle with cancer in 1981.(The date on the pic should read, 1928-1981). Beside my dad is my older brother that lost his life in a freak accident in 1970 at the age of 16.

"Dad, you and Curtis are greatly missed"


Since my last update, I have also lost another brother.(Pictured 2 frams below)

Below is a shot of my brother and sisters on my mothers side of the family. I would love to show everyone all my brothers and sisters even from my dads side of the family, but I am limited to the size of my site.LOLOLOL Starting at the back left is Ricky(the man you seen as my Best Man), Johnice, myself, and in the front starting left to right is Patricia and Lisa. I have many other brothers and sisters but I dont have pictures of them all. Like I said this is just my moms kids.

Below is a pic of my oldest and youngest brother and myself. Standing on my right is Travis and on my left is Ronnie.

Ronald Edwin Warren died in 2005. He is the one pictured on the far right.

If you have a minute, check out Ronnie and his new woman that he met on the internet by clicking HERE

Here are some of my family(cousins)from California that I met over the internet back in 1998.(The older man standing in this pic (Cy) has lived here for many years. I knew him well but not all of his kids). Moving left to right is Cys grandsons Luke and Darnell, Cy, and one of Cys three daughters, Michele. And here is Micheles family including her daughter Selena and granddaughter Audrey. I have known Cy most of my life and he was more like a father than a cousin to me after my own father passed away. Cy too lost a battle with cancer in March 1999. He too will be greatly missed.

"May God rest your soul Cy."

Here are some of my high school friends and myself.

And below is a local band called Aprils Fool at a Halloween Concert at "The Gothic Gateway" in Russellville, Arkansas. I work with the lead guitarist(far right) and he is really awsome. They soon will be cutting some demos.

Good Luck Jimmy!!!

The band has now cut a video and a CD.

Below are some friends that I met on ICQ. Jeff, Brenda, Justin and Jordan. I met Brenda over a year ago and we have been through many things together, thick and thin. Our familys are planning to meet in the summer of 2000. They will be coming from Ridgway,PA.
"We Cant Wait!"

You may click here or on their picture to see some of our vacation pictures.


They made it and we all had the best time of our lives. I know now we will be friends 4-EVER!!!!! Now we plan to go to Ridgway, PA. in the year of 2002. Maybe sooner!!!!!!

Another Update
We made it up there in 2002. Stayed with them for a week, and as a group we went to Canada to see "THE FALLS". We wouldn't trade that vacation for ANYTHING!!! Thank you Bren, Jeff, Justin, and Jordy for the time of our lives.

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