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PLEASE CLICK ON THE BANNERS ON MY PAGE! I THINK YOU KNOW THE REASON WHY! IF NOT GO TO MY SECOND PAGE AND READ. MAYBE THEN YOU WON'T BE SO LAZY AND WON'T CARE TO WASTE A COUPLE OF SECONDS! THANX TO THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN DOING THIS, BECAUSE I HAVE NOW BOUGHT INTERSTATE76, YOU WILL BE REWARDED! ATTENTION!!!: I DO NOT promote this material in ANY way. I BUY software and don't get it for FREE like other people might try to do. I STRONGLY suggest that you BUY anything that you want to get, not to get it copied or something ELSE! First of all, when you get download a program/game/whatever, you will NEVER get the ENTIRE thing. Why you ask? Because as we go farther to the years to come, we see better and BIGGER games. Therfore we have CD's, so we don't have to have 100mb's+ on our hard-drive. So please, when you think your getting it ALL, please know that you are NOT! This is NOT one of those, " this is only for educational purposes", or the ever-popular, " you must delete any files you have downloaded from this ( their ) site within 24 hours"! This is just a way of opening your eyes, and telling you to BUY, not pirate. Think of ALL the money that the industry loses because people Pirate software. I hope I HAVE opened your eyes and have stopped u from going any further, because I have no control over you. IS ANYONE GOING TO HELP ME!? PLZ!!!! I NEED THE DAMN HELP! I WOULD LIKE SOME BANNERS AND/OR YOUR BANNERS IF YOU WANT TO ADVERTISE!! JUST E-MAIL ME AND WE WILL TALK! Hello, and WELCOME to my first page about WAREZ! Please have patience as I explore this highly explored world of wareZ. I have Photoshop 4.0 and I will probably put it up VERY soon. But if you won't see it on my page in about a week..that means I will want to trade it for one of the gamez/appz from my "need" list, or anything ELSE you have to offer. PLZ tell me if you have any graphics, linkz, appz, gamez, or anything else plz contribute. So please, help me make another.....great site. I am trying to make a guestbook so I can get some fast comments from U! If you know where I can get something like that, once again, e-mail me please! NEWSFLASH: I have bought a CD-R, I have NEW options. Contact me if you are involved or would like some things. To help keep the cost and stuff down of all things please click on my sponsors. -_-_- KGB LAST UPDATED: July 31, 1997 at 9:55PM EST


( i have a computer with mmx )