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This Site Dedicated to the Kainai Tribe

KAINAI: literally means "Many Chiefs". The story is this; A Blackfoot entered a Kainai camp many years ago and asked for the chief. All present replied with "I am". The Blackfoot then replied; "I will call you the tribe of many chiefs".

BLOOD: Supposedly the reason the Kainai tribe were called Blood came from as far back as the first traders. These traders named the People "Blood" because of the red ocre they used on their faces and on their ceremonial objects.

LOCATION: The Kainaiwa reserve is the largest in Canada, approximately 200 km south of Calgary Canada.

CHIEF: The Current chief is, "Chief Chris Shade

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Blood Indian Reserve
P.O. Box 60
Standoff, AB
Phone: (403) 737-3573
Fax: (403) 737-2336

Chief and Council, Nov 2000-2004 NEW

Treaty 7 Home Page
Red Crow College
The Assembly of the First Nations
First Nation Information Project
Indian and Northern Affairs in Canada
The Official Blackfeet Nation Website
Blood Tribe Economic Development
Blood Tribe Administration Resource Site

History of Blood Tribe/Kainai new
Kainaiwa (Blood) - History of Moccasins new
Kainai (Blood) Quilt new
Blood/Kainai new
History of the Blood Tribe new

Blood Chief Pictures
Crowfoot new
Stumickosucks new
Eehniskim new
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Red Crow
By Hugh Dempsey
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Dana Elley
Mary Roche
Frank Plaited Hair
Apo Aki

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Siksika Members
Peigan Members
All Members

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Siksika page
Language page

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Blood Tribe Virtual Photo Album
Night Singer Art Gallery & Tipi Bed N Breakfast
White Wolf Workshops
High Eagle Designs
The Bloods Test (3rd grade test)

For genealogy information, please visit our Genealogy site.

Sundance Traditional Tours

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