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Van Buren High School Drumline

The Lion King

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Snares: Nick Brush (section leader), 2000
Ricky Davis, 2000
Aaron Davis, 2001
Greg Hurst, 2002

Basses:Dustin Wilson, 2002
Margarette Huddleston, 2002
Patrick Radcliff, 2001
Dustyn Brewer, 2002

Tenors: Juan Hernandez, 2000
Zach Howell, 2001
Ricky Morrow, 2002

Pit: Kati Sutton, 2000
Nicole Morton, 2001
Nancy Clegg, 2001
Jill Abernathy, 2000
Joey Rainwater, 2002
Dustin Seaton, 2002
Jason Hunter, 2002
Janina Meihlick, 2000

Nick Brush made 1st band, 5th chair, for the 2000 Arkansas All-State Convention. The next big event for the percussion section is the Region I concert contest,

and after that, it's on to Solo and Ensemble!

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