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Greetings from all of us. We may be small in numbers, but we are BIG on Scout Spirit. We're from a very small community (mostly farming) in S.W. Arkansas. Our Cub program began in 1991; however our Boy Scout Troop was not started until Dec. 1993. We began with 2 Arrow Of Light, 10 1/2 year olds and 1 second year Webelos. Since that time we have seen a little over 20 boys pass through our doors, a lot of which have moved to other towns. We currently have 11 registered and 9 of them are very faithful. Our 3 original boys are still with us. One is a Life (doing his Eagle Project) and the other 2 are Star (1 Merit Badge away from Life). We also have 2 2nd Class, 3 Tenderfoot, and (once again) a Webelos. Just because we're small and young, doesn't mean we are not an active troop. Since our begining we have camped over 90 nights, canoed well over 45 miles, have taken 3 backpacking trips of 28 miles or more (each lasting at least 3 nights.) 2 of our upper ranked scouts and one of our Scoutmasters are moving several miles away, but will remain affiliated with our troop, via computer, so this TRULY will be a Cyber-troop...OH YEA...coming attractions......Pictures, and homepages of our boys. Here are some other photos of us.