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House Show 2/6

J. Jennings Vs. Big Ricky Boy Johnson (Inter Title)

Winner and NEW EWF Intercontinental Champion, Big Ricky Boy Johnson

Summary: Jennings was in control untill Johnson caught him with a reverse roll-up.

Bison(debut) Vs. Cal Kidd

Winner by Submission, Bison

Summary: Bison in his debut match-up with a win. A high flying match that ended with an upside down surfboard.

John Freiz Vs. Jimmy Gestapo

Winner by Submission, John Freiz

Summary: Freiz was dominating until Gestapo hit him with brass knuckles. He came back however and hooked the Standing Boston Crab.

Stubby Vs. Enforcer

Winner by Pinfall, Enforcer

Summary: Squash, ended with the The End.

J-Dogg Vs. Milon Quinn (NON-TITLE)

Winner by KO, Milon Quinn

Summary: The champ knocked him out with a lariat.