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Crescent Moon-The sign of a battlemage
High-Elf Runes

Tarahn's GemStone III Temple

[Somewhere in Danjirland]
You emerge from the forest path into a clearing. It is a clear day. The sky is blue, the clouds are fluffiest white, and the slight breeze is quite refreshing as it blows from tree to tree, bathing you in the smell of the surrounding forest. Though this area seems very nice, you can't remember seeing it on any maps. You survey the area and before you is a modwir sign with a large crescent moon and some runes. Behind the sign looms a large white temple set onto a marble slab. Out of curiosity, you decide to take a closer look.
You also see a large sign and an ornate gate leading into the temple.
Also here: none
Obvious paths: none

Look at the temple

Enter the temple

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Magick GemStone III Ring
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The temple was last updated: 5/2/99