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Think your CATS site is good??

Of course it is. But do you think its good enough to win awards given by the CATS themselves? If you do, check out all the awards, and then go back to my homepage, fill out an "Award Application!",and me and a few of the CATS will go and take a look. If you wanna try for all of the awards, feel free. Good luck!

Old Deuteronomy's Chosen Site

This is the first award, and the hardest to win. In order to win this award you must have an excellent page! The colors on your page must go well together, and the images must match what you are talking about. You must have a lot of variety as well. Old Deuteronomy likes combinations. Images, Descriptions, RPG's, ect, ect... Creativity is required if you want to win this award. If he sees that you have put a lot of work on your page, you have a 50/50 chance of winning this award.

Munkustrap's Character Description Award

Munkustrap gives this award to those pages with the best character descriptions. If your page has one of these, you can win it. Your CD page must have acurate and good descriptions for each cat. After all, no one would want to see Mistofolees as Tugger now would we? :) If pictures are with the descriptions, that boosts your chance of winning.

Rum Tum Tugger's Excellent Images Award

This is awarded to the page with excellent images! Rum Tum Tugger thinks everyone has a great chance on winning this award if your images are crisp and clear. He's mainly looking for Image Galleries, but if you only have pictures all over your site, Tugger will take a look. He especially likes seeing images of himself.

Mungojerrie's Award to Humerous Sites

Got a sense of humor? Who could be a better judge than the ole trickster himself? If your site shows wit, this is the award for you!

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