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Below is a listing of my bear pages. To view the pages click on the appropriate link. Some of the bears are shown smaller than
actual size but when you click and save the picture it will save at actual size and shape. To avoid a long loading time I have
limited the number of graphics per page. Some have multiple pages, if that is the case it will take you to a index page in
which you can access the pages in that category by clicking on the appropriate links. I intend to add other page as I
continue to collect bears.  Thank you for visiting Lou's World and May God Bless You.

These are bears that have been collected by me or that have been sent to me by others all are public domain to the best of my knowledge
however if anyone finds any that are the property of someone else and I have not given them credit please let me know so I can remove
those until contact can be made with the owner. Also if any are copyrighted please let me know of them so I can take them off my pages

    Last Updated -- June24th, 2003   

This site has currently undergone a total reconstruction to hopefully make it better.

Many of the pages are graphic intense and take awhile to load.


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