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Hanson Obsession Signs

1.When you meet one of your new best friends at a store because she was wearing a Hanson shirt!!
2.You took the Christmas lights and wrote on your roof, "Hanson Stop here!" in case they fly over your house in a plane
3.You start stashing candy in your drawers even though you know you're going to get ants because, hey Hanson did it
4.When you hear Hanson sing, "On the day that I left Lucy", you say," Great you dumped her. Want to go to a movie?
5."The "Hanson Wallpaper" that covers your room starts spreading to the hallway and is rapidly making its way to the living just want everyone to enjoy their wallpaper as much as you do
6.You HOPE that they make a vidoe for "A Man from Milwakee", since....they "run around in underwear"
7.Your mom starts tellin you that Isaac wants your room to be cleaned
8.Suddenly, kicking pigeons is a really fun thing to do!(If you dont get this, watch wtl video again)
9.You have actually called directory assistance in Tulsa and asked them to look up Walker Hanson and got mad when the number they gave you was the Hanson Hotline number. What's up with that anyway?
10.You watch MTV all day waiting for Hanson to come on and when they don't you spazz out and send death threats to MTV!!
11.You make your little brother repeatedly throw his boomerang at you so you know exactly how Taylor felt when bing bang the boomerang hit him.(You'd have to have heard the "Boomerang" song to understand this one)
12.You write songs for Zac to sing because you think it's so sad that he ran out of songs to sing while recording "Lucy"
13.Everytime you walk into a store the manager tells you “the new Hanson stuff is over there”
14.You put a gun to your best friend Madelines head b/c your convinced she is trying to take Taylor from Had Taylor in the first place?
15. You already have your wedding planned and you know exactly who's coming, what the color scheme will be, etc.
16.When ever you see a subway you scream, Subway!, Weird!, Hanson!
17.You convince your teachers that Hanson is an educational subject.
18.You know mmmbop in 6 different languages
19.When taking a test in school you think "Damn,if this test was over Hanson,I'd be getting 100%!"
20.When MMMbop is playing in the store you scream out it is Hanson and run around the store yelling out the lyrics.
21.People no longer tease you about liking Hanson because they are still recovering from injuries from last time they made fun of Hanson!
22.You put a poster on your blanket and tell people you are sleeping with Hanson
23.Whenever Hanson is on tv every1 calls you~even your teachers!
24.You convince your mother to check you out of school at 10:00 am so you will get the first copy of '3 Car Garage'
25.You go to the office for the first time in your life because you beat up some stupid boy who said Tay was a girl.
26.You are actully reading my list!
27.You spend your spare time counting the beads on Taylor's chokers, bottom and top eyelashes, and how many hairs he actually has in his head
28.You repeatedly run into glass doors trying to get the same effect Taylor did
29.When trying to figure out what the songs really mean you come up with something very perverted.
30.You try to convince your history teacher to take the class on a feils trip to Tulsa! ~Hey, Hanson lives there,so obviously itz part of history!
31.You dont only fantize about them~you also fanize about their little brother!<~Sarah made this up! We were hyper that night
33.When a Hanson special is schedualed to come on while your in school you claim you have a severe case of Hansonitis and must stay home!
34.People are shocked at what you know about them!
35.Whenever you see a van with the Oklahoma license plate you make you parents chase it!(yup!)
36.your obsession with Tay's eyes has gotten to a point where people wont enter your room!
37.You are actually starting to pick up their bad habits!! (AHH!! Yes,itz true!!)
38.Your scores in school are actully dropping b/c most of your brain is full with Hanson stuff! (Me and Arianne think this is happening!)
39.You go to a recoding studio and do your own version of the mmmbop video!(yup! Me and Heather and Tiffany did it!!)
40. Hard-ons remind you of Taylor in TTATMON(um...ok) From Gina
41.You have started collecting Clake bar wrappers!(yup!! I got 34!)
42.You actually send them a invitation to your bday party and cry when they dont show up!
43. You lose it while watching Live @ the 10 spot when Taylor takes off his shirt and Zac sings MFM and Ike sings River! From Gina
44.You send death threats to Alyssa cuz she got to meet em on the Rosie show! (Boy was I jelous of her! Lucky duck)
45.When you live in Ohio and your going all the way up to Detriot to see a concert!(hehe.. yupperz!) keep asking people what umbopus means! From Gina freak out when you stare at the moon cuz~hey,Hanson could be staring at it too!!
48.When you go some where Hanson has been and you freak out because Hanson could have stood where you are.
49.When you call the Hanson hotline and leave the same message lots of times in lots of different voices saying "Come to(Where you live)". Trying to convince them to come. !!! hehe..I should try that!!
50.When you keep a diary of every little thing Hanson has been doing.(Atleast what you hear they are doing) Hm..I got an idea!!
51.When Opera says "Their's a new girl in Hanson life" and you freak. You start dialing the number for a Hit Man, until you relize it's the new baby "ZOE".hehe.
52..) You know your obsessed with Hanson when your parents receive a call from the Tulsa police station telling them that you broke into the Hanson's house to try and get a pair of the guys boxers (luckily you succeeded and have a pair of Tay's hidden in your pocket, hey, what the police don't know, won't hurt them :o)
53.You know you're obsessed and really SERIOUSLY NEED HELP when you sneak into Zac's dressing room and tie him up! You put on a Hanson wig,and get his drumsticks ! Now you are ready to be Zac and you get to go on stage with Hanson! It was going well until you had to sing a solo and got busted! Oh well, atleast you got a close up of Tay's face and it was worth it!
54. You are arrested for assault with a deadly weapon after you attempt to stab Fiona Apple with the corners of your Hanson CD case.
55. When the Barnes and Noble janitor has to shut down the store and mop up a gallon of drool, after you've just been there from buying the store out of the last 100 copies of Teen Dream. Hey! You can never have too much Hanson!
56. At a Hanson concert, you somehow manage to cut a piece of each band members hair. You then take this very special Hanson hair home and attempt to clone your very own Hanson hotties.
57. You dress up as a burrito and tap dance on your local news channel just to win a Hanson T-shirt!
58.When you decide to print out this list and highlight all the ones that you match, the highlighter runs out.
59. You know you're a Hanson addict when your 4-year old son finally says, 'Mom, I don't want to listen to Hanson anymore....'
60.You promise your local radio station that you will do whatever they say for a month for tickets to the next Hanson concert in your state.
61. You know your obsessed with Hanson when you have reocuring dreams of Taylor kissing you goodbye before they go on another tour. You absolutely go mad when you think that he's flirting with another girl! When you wake up you find out that you have ripped the stuffing out of another Teddy Tay Bear! (if this happens to you constantly, then you may need help soon.)
62. You refuse to believe that there is no such thing as a 'Mmmbop' as advertised on The Rick Dees Weekly Top 40.
63. You are on your second CD player because you blew the speakers on your old one while listening to your Middle Of Nowhere CD.
64.Your dog can now bark the whole song MMMBop. (um ok......)
65. Your parents actually buy a straight jacket and threaten to use it on you if you have another Hanson slumber party and kereokee night with your friends.
67. When the kids you babysit beg their mothers not to let you take care of them anymore because you make them call each other Ike, Tay and Zac, and you force them to practice every Hanson song so that they can memorize them and put on a performance for you, since their VCR is broken and you can't watch your Hanson tape.
68. You build your very own clay Hanson sculptures and keep them in your locker at school.
69.You invent a new cologne. You mix CKBe and Herbal Essences Shampoo and call it "Tay in a Bottle."
70.You have a tape of Hanson's performances and interviews and you play it 50 times a day.
71. You dress up like Taylor and video record yourself copying his every move and playing an imaginary keyboard while singing "Where's the Love". (If you do this, you need help.)
72. You make it your goal to own every single piece of clothing that the Hansons have. You even travel to Tokyo just to buy a shirt that Zac bought there.
73. Every time you get online you go immediately to your mail to check if you got any mail from Hanson (ignoring letters from your friends)
74. You convince your parents to take a family trip to Tulsa Oklahoma instead of Hawaii over spring break just so you can use many rolls of film for taking pictures of the Hanson house.
75. You have devoted all of your time to Hanson (all You want is the best for them)
76. You send them 3 - 10 letters a day
77. All you talk about with your friends is Taylor , Zac, and Isaac
78. You paint your whole room a shade of red
79. You are starting to be nice to that little brat that they call your little brother/sister (no matter if it kills you)
80.You party for 3 weeks after you find out there is no Madeline or Lucy.
81. When you listen to "I Will Come to You", you can actually see Tay standing in your bedroom door with his arms out to you. Then you lean in to hug him and he disappears leaving you face down in the hallway!!!
82. Your computer background is always set on Hanson. (that sounds familiar.)
83. You call your cousin Zac so much he's convinced that's his real name.
84. You are constantly listening to the song " I Will Come To You "
85. If you fly to Tulsa, and make the treehouse in Hanson's backyard your new home, and you watch Taylor from the window.
86. You write Tay's name all over your ceiling in glow-in-the dark letters so that's the last thing you see before you fall asleep.
87. You yell at your boyfriend for not looking like your favorite Hanson.
88. You convince your parents that home schooling is better for you.
89. You are determined to find Johnny.
90. Every time you hear Where's The Love you shout "Right here Tay!"
91. You want clear braces just because Ike has them.
92. You wear platform shoes just so you can be Ike's height.
93. Your fav school subject is math because Zac like math.
94. You change your b-day to Oct 22 so you can be Zac's age.
95. You love soccer just because they love soccer.
96. Your fav store is the GAP just because that is their favorite store and you think you might run in to them while you are there.
97. You love laser tag just because they love it and you might get to play laser tag w/ them if you are very lucky.
98. You fake that you're sick so you can stay home from school and watch Hanson reruns.
99. You cry yourself to sleep because you need Tay so desperately
100. You scrawl MMMBop everywhere in all the fonts you can imagine
101. You start planning your wedding to your fav Hanson dude
102. You've decided to call your kids Tay ,Ike, and Zac
103. You are imagining the Hansons moving in next door and falling in love with you
104. You have decided to be a famous singer so that you can meet them someday
105. You cry when Hanson is on the radio and some one changes it!
106. Despise all Hanson haters
107. You are begging your mom to name your new bro or sis Jordan or Mackenzie for either a boy or a girl.
108.You get your hair layered, buy a black and a yellow watch like Tay's, wear about 3 necklaces at once and get into the habit of saying "dude".
109. You pray to the Tiki Gods for Hanson to win at the MTV Music Awards. (Unfortunately they didn't, )
110. You have permanantley inserted your hanson tape into your walkman so no one can get it out
111. Your walkman has pictures of all over it, you call it the 'Hanson Machine'
112. You start eating jellybeans even though they make you throw up
113. You talk to your Hanson posters as if they were real.
114. You buy three copies of their cd. One you play all day long, one you take out the pics, cut them up and stick them everywhere, the other, you hang on your wall (framed of course!!)
115. You force yourself to eat a whole bottle of heinz ketchup. (that is really off the wall)
116. You invent a new drink-you mix up rootbeer and the ketchup and call it Sweet 'n' Sour Soda.
117. All of your E-mail are in red , green, and blue
118. Your room has an endless collage of Hanson pin-ups.
119. If you go to a Hanson concert you spray yourself with half a bottle of CKBe.
120. You've finally convinced your parents to take to you Tulsa for Spring Break.
121. You owe your parents $80 for all of the magazines you've bought with Hanson articles and pics in them.
122. You send them more than 5 E-mails every single day until they reply to you. In other words you're practically stalking them!
123. Your answering machine message says " Hi! If this is Hanson calling then please leave a message. I promise to call you as soon as I get home. If not then I'll see you Monday at school."
124. You think Hanson is stalking you because they just decided you're a wonderful person and they want to go out with you.
125. You leave your cd on day and night,so if they're walking down your street they'll know you're a hanson fan and come to chat.
126. You wear a baseball cap and never take it off. You also carry a plastic sword around EVERY WHERE you go, including school.
127. You ride your bike all the way to the grocery store while it is raining(which takes you 30 minutes) because you found out that Hanson was in the new issue of BB and you couldn't wait until the next day to go buy it!
128. Your math teacher has to ask you everyday to wipe the pencil drawn mural of Zac off your desk.
129. Your whole neighborhood has the words to the songs on the Middle Of Nowhere cd memorized because you play it so much!
130.You have a mob of teenage girls camping outside of your window so they don't have to buy their own Middle Of Nowhere cd.
131.You copy your "Middle Of Nowhere" CD on 20 different tapes and put one in every tape player you own so no matter what room you go into you hear Taylor's beautiful voice.
132. You are dying your hair blond so that you can look more like a Hanson
133. You break up with your boyfriend of two years just in case Taylor should ever randomly call and ask you out. It COULD happen!!!
134. You started your own Hanson Religion
135. You give thanks to the Hanson Tiki Gods that they are alive.
136. You start taking up keyboard, drum, and guitar lessons
137. After you go to a Hanson concert, you dump your boyfriend, because you KNOW for sure Taylor was looking at YOU when he sang "I Will Come To You".
138. You beg your parents for voice, keyboard, guitar, AND drum lessons, and give up any job, club, or after-school activity you had to take them.
139. You take your favorite Hanson poster, tape it to your face, and go around saying your Taylor, Zac, or Isaac.
140. You dress up as the Hansons for Halloween.
141. When you are dazed with Hanson thoughts when you run into a wall
142. You cry when you wake up every morning, because you are so disappointed that you woke up right before Tay was going to kiss you.
143. You yell at your friends when they are looking at your Hanson posters, because they were breathing on them too hard, or looking at them too hard.
144. You know your obsessed with Hanson when your on trial for attempted murder because you attacked your little brother when he changed the channel while MTV was playing "Where's The Love"
145. You know your obsessed with Taylor when you decided that since red is his favorite color then it's yours too, and proceed to dye all you underwear and socks a bright shade of red making you look totally queer but you don't care because you did it for "Taylor"
146.When you are alone by a tree, you do that little karate kick Taylor does in “Seventeen" then people see you and wonder what the heck is wrong with you
147.While chatting, you believe every person that says they are Ike, Tay, or Zac. Who cares if your chatting with 3 guys that claim they are Tay?
148.You started to cry (or scream, or even faint) when you first heard the rumor that Tay kissed a girl in the vid for "Where's the Love"
149.You walk around your neighborhood in a blonde wig while singing MMMBop (and people stare and wonder what the heck is wrong with you)
150.Everytime you see the Pepsi with the Spice Girls in it, you scream and beat the t.v. because the Spice Girls dissed Hanson -Glitter
151.You have the screen name "MMMBop" on your buddy list -Heather
152.While you are taking a walk in your neighborhood, you see a cloud that looks just like the Hanson symbol, so you freak out and run down the street screaming your head off.
153.When you find out that dork that sits behind in english has the middle name Taylor, you immediately demand he go out with you.
154.When you listen to "Madeline" and Tay says "Just hold me in your arms..." you shout "Okay Tay!!" and run over to your stereo and give it a big hug
155.Your whole family thinks Hanson lives in your bedroom.
156.You bake a cake and make your family sang Happy Brithday to the Hanson's (which your family is going to think your crazy because Hanson's not there) Think you Kisten for this it's great one.
If you have any more that you think are funny send them to me and I will put them on here.